96,000 French Fans Love U2

U2 in concert is always a great show, but yesterday the group reached the summit. At the Stade de France, with 96,000 persons, the public has experienced a great moment in rock tour 360 ° Tour of way for the third time in two years in Paris.

The group has not disappointed and Bono who had back problems showed that he was in great shape.

Previously, Bono had gone alone to the Elysee Palace to meet with Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni. They discussed the summit “Millennium” which takes place this weekend in New York. Bono also discussed efforts against AIDS with the first lady of France. And he specifically requested help more African populations affected by this scourge.

Interpol opened the show and played for about an hour. Fans screaming BONO, BONO it was pretty clear that that Paris was ready to be rocked.  The setlist was pretty much the standard as the boys have settled into their show. Starting at 21:30 the intro pulls the fans from their seats that the crowd begins to swell as the Bono and the boys entered the stadium. The sound of the crowd was deafening, the walk in was pretty much a non event.  Beautiful day starts off the 2 hour show. Bono is in great shape, the boys Adam Larry and The Edge all ready to take the French down a musical road of bliss.

“I Will Follow”, Get on Your Boots and Magnificent have the audience ecstatic and yet you can sense that the boys may be playing for something they have yet to find. North Star and Mercy should be considered as testing songs. We have heard that we can expect a release 2010 (Late)

The band followed with a moment of atmosphere. Militant first with the classic Sunday Bloody Sunday when Bono and his band were introduced a few words of Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley. And the public has not hesitated to use these words to heart, the little Irish recalling that France was the country of Human Rights and should not be forgotten. Then came the moment when the stadium became the largest nightclub in the world. Chaining City Of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, and a remix of I’ll Go Crazy If I Do not Go Crazy Tonight.

The screens came down full length and it surprised many, as they chained some of their classics; One, Where The Streets Have No Names and With or Without You.

Before leaving, Bono asks the Stade de France to make a vow that by 2015 no child in the world are born with the AIDS virus, especially in poor countries…

We will always have Paris – As the Boys move forward in during this massive tour