Fuck Bono the email starts off ! As I click to open the email send to our office late yesterday afternoon I wondered what the hell this was going to be about. You see its not the first time that in the millions of emails sent to our fan email box that we have someone posting their vents and making a statement. This one was different. This one really stirs up some interesting hate, anger and disrespect. We warned you in advance that this is an open letter to Bono. Colorful. We of course invite you to comment and speak up.

Dear Bono:

I find you to be nothing more than a mouth piece for your ownself. I really hate you. I saw you at the G8.  You had the gall to knock our PM ‘cos he wouldn’t agree to meet you.

It’s not so much that Bono thinks he has the right to influence democratically-elected World leaders, but that he thinks he speaks for the conscience of everyone under 40. What a prat. (And his music’s shit!)

Bono does not speak for me. I wish I could take those annoying wrap-around shades of his and shove them up his pompous poo-hole. I truly despise the certainty that the policies of the world’s biggest economies have been swayed by this self-appointed tit.

I was thinking about writing this letter to tell you that your a fucking asshole the way you treat countries that do not agree with your views. Yea sure the world needs some improvement who the fuck are you to push your ideas on everyone. Your a guy playing in a fucking band. So fucking what asshole. You should give your music away at this point since you have said time and time again you have more money that you will ever need.

Now I did not write the 10 reasons to hate you and your band but shit they do read pretty fucking good.

1. They have a guy in their band named Larry.

2. They still haven’t found what they’re looking for?  Would it kill them to ask a clerk?

3. “The Edge” sounds like a disposable BIC product.

4. How awful is Bono?  If given the choice of sparing either Sting or him, we would actually have to think about it.

5. In the name of love? How about in the name of God?

6. Bono is an anagram of Nobo, Noob, and Pompous Dickhead.

7. They care so much it makes our teeth hurt like we’re chewing tinfoil. 

8. If given the choice of sparing either Bono or Oprah, we would actually have to think about it.

9. James Joyce counseled his fellow Irishmen to adopt “silence, exile and cunning.”  In Bono’s case, we’d have settled for the silence.

10. They’re going to be around forever, aren’t they?  Like a turd stain on a gas station wall.

U2 Fans: What I find amazing about this letter is the fact that this person sat down and typed out all of this hate for one person. Also that he did do his homework to find some other people to share in his hate. We support the idea of freedom of expression however we can not publish letters that are harmful or suggest to harm anyone. We also have editoral right to slim down the language as we see fit -  Dre