Julian Lennon and U2

Lennon says U2 approached him earlier this summer looking for a studio to finish some tracks. He offered at his 14th century home in the South of France. “The Edge came to me and said ‘Please take some pictures,” Lennon recalls. Displayed were several intimate black-and-white shots of the band: a close-up of Bono’s weathered-seeming face, a candid of Adam Clayton sitting alone on a white stairwell, and the Edge sitting in a booth on a plane, with a lyric sheet in front of him. “To a degree, it’s a side of the boys that hasn’t been seen before … I just didn’t want to get in the way,” Lennon said. “The moment I thought there was any heavy air, I would clear out.”

One of the most striking U2 shots is of Bono in the studio, sitting underneath a headshot of John Lennon in his early greaser days. “Initially, I called it a Lennon sandwich,” Julian said. “Now I call it ‘Someone to Look up to.’ Bono was there, and I look up to him, and he looks up to dad.” Lennon also shot the band onstage in Vienna in late August. “They’re mates, so if they’re on the road and I’m in the neighborhood, I’m there.”

Rolling Stone does not have any of the photos we are looking around for them.