Melissa From San Diego Loves U2

We have been collecting U2 fans stories for a couple of years. We thought about how we would want to share them with you.  Here is a storie of  “Mel from San Diego” she claims that U2 is “not her music era” However one song turned her world upside down and changed her views of music forever. Do you have a U2 story you want to share ? Send your story, photo’s and video to “fanmail at u2tourfans dot com”

Melissa Take it away

“I am 26, born in 1984. As you can imagine, U2 is not definetely NOT my music era. I have 2 older sisters. Cynthia, who is 12 years older than me, and Melina who is 6 years older. I am the youngest. I never imagined liking U2 so much.

I remember, the first song I heard of U2 was “One”. This was @ 1992, 1993 I believe, when Acthung Baby came out. I was around 8 or 9.

The song that stuck in my head, after hearing my sister play that album over and over again all night was “Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses”. That “hey hey sha la la ” chorus stuck.  The song rocked me to sleep. 

I remember that a couple of days later I sneaked into my sisters room and looked desperately for the cassette. Bon Jovi’s “Bad Medicine” cassette was in one tape recorder.
I didn’t even know what the cassette looked like, not even who sang it.
I finally found the cassette that had the song ONE on it so it felt right to play it. I listened to the whole tape till my “Sha la la” came out. I haven’t stopped listening to U2 since then.
I consider myself one of the biggest U2 fans out there. I eat, breathe, dream U2.
I can finally die in peace knowing I had Bono like 2 meters away from me at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I was walking with my husband to the entrance ti the gate when I suddenly hear sirens.
I saw a convoy of Black Cadillacs coming my way. I stopped. My heart pounding. Suddenly, Bono rolled down his window, made the peace sign and drove in.
OMG I felt I was having a heart attack. Why didn’t I take pictures? Don’t know. But somebody got in on tape.”

“and see that fat girl jumping up and down with the white shirt, you’ll imagine WHY she is so happy…..those 3 seconds of my life that he passed by me seemed eternal….. That fat girl is meeee.. :)”

Comment:  U2 Fans come in all sizes, ages, colors, reglions and most of all they are just like you and me.