Concerts, New Album and Spider Man

U2 has a couple of projects going on right now. As most of you already know the tour will pick back up in February. The return to North America  will be bitter sweet. The idea that the boys could pull off another around of stadium tours may not be as easy as one would think. 360 was the most expensive show of its kind. Sure Boni Jovi can try to take claim however the sure about of the crew can out weigh any claim. So 360 may be the last of its kind. Why not return to the smaller venues and do a couple of nights. The ticket prices could be lower and the whole show could be toned down to be just about the music.  A U2 concert today is an event. Its not only music, its people wanting to be seen around other people. Pure U2 fans love the music and not all the hype.  Yes Bono we will remember you. How could we not, you and the rest of the band defined our views towards the world. U2 was not just another punk rock band.

Spider Man: You can expect to see Bono and The Edge attending all the pre shows in New York this month and try to bring some positive vibe back to a show that has so many mis-cues you wonder if it would ever get off. We expect that the promotions department is working hard on tieing the boys into the premier. Hey why not if you have two of the biggest stars in the music world behind you, why not push them out front.

New Album(s): Its just a rumor but hey rumors can be fun sometimes. We heard that we could see two new projects from them this year and two the following year. Lots of studio work has been going and now days studio work can be done anywhere in the world. So expect to see some interesting mixes from some interesting artists. Now of course we could not name names.