U2 Tckts North American Tour

The U2TOURFANS staff has returned to work. We are ready to begin our 2011 tour season. We have some amazing projects coming up and we think your going to just enjoy the U2 fan blast. We are in the process of development of a new social media tool just for U2 fans. U2 Fan blast. Its your own live concert channel for those of you attending the shows around the world. South America your included ! The channel supports all types of mobile phones and of course Ipads. Watch for it to appear soon.

We have some staffers looking for GA seats to all shows. If you have extra and want to sell them or of course donate them ( yea we had to throw that line in ) we have a section on the site to sell tickets. NO SCALPERS welcome. Your always welcomed to post them directly to the facebook channel.

A question from the mail bag. ” Whats with the Youtube Channel? It seems to have lots of commercials within the video”  Answer:  Youtube has changed the way they view concerts. Once a upon a time concerts where viewed as fair posts. Now they use a software package that can name the song and start pushing the Itunes, or Amazon links to buy.   We are looking at our options for future posts.  Facebook video seems to be a good choice right now.

Future of U2TOURFANS: Well folks our Editor has informed us that we are running very low on funds for 2011 and we should cut costs where we can. Of course that’s nothing new with a non profit so we are looking at new ways to raise funds.  As promised we are no longer ad supported - We have removed all of the ads from our site besides iTunes and JimmyJane. 

Sponsorship: We have a sponsorship package for a company that want to be infront of 500K fans age range 25-45 audience that is very mixed. ( male/Female). The package will include our concert team as well. Our North American team will be out at every show and can be a major part of your product or service. Your company name, product and or service can be featured. Send an email directly to 2011 at u2tourfans.com   At this time we are only looking for one sponsor.

As always we are your fan choice and we know that you have many options. We like to hear from you. provide your feedback and help us continue to grow. Share our site, Share Facebook and Twitter.

We will see you out very soon