U2's Hidden Gem

By Dre  

Often I find myself listening to U2 lyrics to find that hidden gem. I find that listening to U2 gives me hope, faith and renewed sense that people are good.  Often I reminded that U2 music is more than words on a sheet that some deep thought has gone into the lyric.   As I was traveling the other day, I had a chance to read an article by Brett Warner that was just refreshing and full of possibility.  The team has been writing for weeks about Achtung Baby and how you really should pick up your own copy, small plug for us. Every time you make a purchase on Amazon from our links, you are helping fund this project. So thank you for your continued support.   Now back to Brett and his article.  He dusted off a gem that I had forgotten about. “The First Time” We all know the story that Achtung Baby was the successor to Zooropra was to be the EP that promotes the fourth leg of the massive production Zoo TV.


I had to revisit the song and as Brett states this is song is pure amazing, deep dark, insightful and in control. The Edge opens softly and the song builds slowing and gracefully. This was the work of Brian Eno and Bono. The song is simple clean and as you will find a soulful lyric reference to God and “keys to the kingdom” I have to agree with Brett this was and maybe still one of the best songs of the 90’s and while I have my first love “New Years Day” my heart does fill with love for the first time.

The First Time

I have a lover
A lover like no other
She got soul, soul, soul, sweet soul
And she teach me how to sing

Shows me colours when there’s none to see
Gives me hope when I can’t believe
That for the first time
I feel love

I have a brother
When I’m a brother in need
I spend my whole time running
He spends his running after me

When I feel myself going down
I just call and he comes around
But for the first time
I feel love

My father is a rich man
He wears a rich man’s cloak
Gave me the keys to his kingdom coming
Gave me a cup of gold

He said I have many mansions
And there are many rooms to see
But I left by the back door
And I threw away the key
And I threw away the key
Yeah, I threw away the key
Yeah, I threw away the key

For the first time
For the first time
For the first time

I feel love

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