McGuinness Ends Speculation !

Bono / Canada / U2 / U2TOURFANS 2011If Paul McGuinness states its not over, well its not over. Paul last night in an interview with Belfast Telegraph flatly denied the reports that U2 was planning on going their separate ways. 35 years of great music, school boy friends and suggestions of ending all now are completely not true.

To fans Paul has been labeled as the fifth member of U2, he has guided the boys career from a local bar band to a global machine. When Paul was asked is this the end ? ” No, and I think I would have heard. Not at all. They are always working on the next record.”

Ok, so how did this rumor start ?  Bono gave an interview to Rolling Stone where he hinted that they may part company. “Its quite likely you might hear from us next year but it’s equally possible that you won’t. The band may have finally run its course.

Ether Paul or Bono have it right. In the end it will come down to the creative power of the band to choose to return. Lets face it 360 Tour was longer then anyone expected and the idea of taking a break may be just what they need to come back stronger and ready to take on another large tour. One thing is for sure. Right now its all about Actung Baby !