Remembering Hutch

Remembering Michael Hutchence

Hutch and Bono Bono: “We were flying between shows and someone called and told me about Michael’s death. I still haven’t figured out quite how I feel about it. I don’t know whether I’m angry or guilty… You always think if it’s a mate that there was something you could have done. I still find it hard to figure it all out, because I had a conversation with him not that long ago where we talked about something like this, and we both agreed how dumb and selfish it would be, and Hutch was not at all selfish.” Bono said that he and Hutchence were neighbors in France and that their personality differences helped to fuel their friendship. “He was a nice guy to be around. He was very light, whereas I don’t think I’m the easiest person to be around, so we balanced each other out. But I hadn’t seen him for a while, because we were both off doing our thing. I’m finding the whole thing very hard to understand…

For many adoring INXS fans it is the tragic day that Michael Hutchence lost his life. Bono and U2 where preparing to perform in San Antonio, Texas, that day when word came through about Michael’s death. Gutted by the news, Bono struggled through the concert making several references to his dear friend. “Hutch, where are you?” he cried. Over the past seven years Bono has frequently mentioned Michael at U2 concerts. He has dedicated many songs to Michael and has regularly finished the evening with a track of Michael and INXS playing over the PA system. Bono even completed the recording of the song, “Slide Away” on Michael’s solo album, as well as dedicating the Grammy award winning “Stuck in a Moment” to his friend’s memory.

When U2 played in Sydney in 1998, they invited the other original INXS members along to their show, as well as close family and friends of Michael’s.  It was pouring rain and lightning, just the same as after Michael’s funeral, and other important dates to do with Michael there always seems to be a lightning storm!  Before playing ‘One’ Bono turned to the big picture of Michael on the screen and said:

“I Just wanted to say goodbye
To a great singer
And a great friend
I just wanted to say goodbye
I just wanted to say goodbye
In front of his mates
In front of his family
In front of his band
I just wanted to say goodbye
So goodbye Michael”

U2 also often dedicated the song ‘Gone’ to Michael live as well.  Here is an example during their 2001 tour in Boston where Bono yells out ‘Hutch’ at the start of the song.  Brilliant guitar playing by The Edge in this song!

On the 10th anniversary of MH’s death in 2007, Bono and The Edge performed ‘Desire’ at Union Chapel in London.  During the song Bono mentioned it was a special date and started playing ‘Need You Tonight’ as a tribute to Michael.