Hiatus ? Could it be True ?

U2 / Bono / U2TOURFANS

Everyone was a buzz, could it be possible that the biggest band in the

world is going on hiatus or could it be that the band has chosen to break apart and “Walk On” The idea that something this great may need to be destroyed in order to grow has been heard all to many times with great bands. Yet, the great bands remain focused on turning out great music.

R.E.M has set the dinner table to finish strong.  For R.E.M ending on top requires strong CD sales, however it has failed to provide the last winner for R.E.M.

The boys have completed the largest tour ever and with some extra months, days, hours added in to recover from a delay with Bono’s injury its easy to hear the rumors that the boys may be at the finish line. Rumors fly like the lyrics of a song. Yet no official word has come from management, label or the boys leaving the fans to wonder aimlessly into the past. It is true that every good band must be a

ble to reinvent their music to the issues and public cry of the day.  If the rumors are true, this was the best summer of music ever.

To say that it is over is far from the truth. Their manager already has told people that would listen to him. Bono has work to be finished and the creative juices have been on over drive for sometime. A bad rumor needs to end with us not supporting the noise any longer.