Artists Wanted for Collaboration !

The opening years of the 1990s were a period when U2 astonished the critics by dramatically re-imagining their music with the release of Achtung Baby.

Twenty years on the band has revisited the era, digging deep into the archives to mine a trove of unreleased songs, rare collaborations, lost remixes and cult B-sides.

As well as never-before heard tracks from the Berlin and Dublin sessions, the new material debuts live performance pieces and commercially unreleased videos, as well as club hits from the dance-floor and special guest appearances. 

Achtung Baby embodies a multitude of ideas and styles which are represented through the album cover artwork mosaic. The squared collage of photos symbolise the spirit of the album, the 90s and the changes in Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary, U2’s team, including designer Shaughn McGrath and original photographer, Anton Corbijn, are inviting artists to submit their photograph or artwork which reflects today’s global environment.

The photographs and artwork should emulate the same meaning that is conveyed on the original album cover. If Achtung Baby was released today, what photographs and/or artwork would be part of the collage?

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