U2 Chile Details, The Edge Chills Out

The Edge” is staying at exclusive hotel and runs through typical areas of San Pedro de Atacama.

Days before the concert that the band will play Friday in the National Stadium. For the musician, and one of the founders and most recognizable faces of the quartet, arrived on a commercial flight to Santiago on Saturday and headed for San Pedro de Atacama, in order to rest beside his wife, the dancer Morleigh Steinberg and two sons.

In northern Chile, the Irish are staying at the hotel today Awasi, one of the most exclusive of the region and   concentrated basically in visitors from Europe and the U.S..

The artist is a logical choice: with only eight suites and minimum rates ranging from U.S. $ 1,340 ($ 645,000) per person for two nights, this is a place that guarantees absolute privacy and confidentiality to its guests. In fact, some staff will be required not to reveal details of the stay of the guitarist.

The musician chose a complete package that allowed him to have personal transportation between the airport of Calama and location (distance of about 100 km) and an individual guide for excursions in the area. It was the choice made yesterday morning with his clan left in a 4x4 vehicle to visit places like the Salar de Atacama, Valley of the Moon and Lake Cejas.

During the rest of the day resting in a mud hut, thatched roof made up of lanterns, wooden floor, private patio areas for relaxation, individual solariums and beds with cotton sheets and blankets alpaca. Sometime today we expect the whole group to head to the captiol. Not sure when.

So what about the rest of the boys? Well Chile today looks like the day we can expect them all to arrive. The crew has been workin 18 hour days to get everything ready for thier arrival. They had been expected to land last night, local rumors suggested. However that was not the case. We expect to see them later today.

For our Chilean friends -

Dada la alta convocatoria que tendrá el concierto de U2 a realizarse el viernes 25 de marzo en el Estadio Nacional, se han dado a conocer los horarios, accesos e información de seguridad de este evento.

Las puertas del Estadio Nacional se abrirán a las 16:00 horas y el horario de las actuaciones es el siguiente:

Muse – 20:00 horas
U2 – 21:30 horas

Carabineros regulará el tránsito en las inmediaciones del estadio, con el fin de resguardar la seguridad de los asistentes y mejorar las vías de acceso de los espectadores.

Medidas que se adoptarán en el estadio:
• Los accesos establecidos para la entrada de público serán por Av. Grecia, Av. Marathon, El Sauce (Por Av. Pedro de Valdivia) y Av. Pedro de Valdivia (ver infografía).
• La producción contempla 250 guardias de seguridad.
• Se contará con un sistema de pórticos unipersonales en las puertas de ingreso para ordenar el acceso del público asistente.

U2 concert to be held on Friday, March 25 at the National Stadium, have released the schedule, access and safety information for this event.

National Stadium gates open at 16:00 hours and schedule of performances is as follows:

Muse - 20:00 pm
U2 - 21:30 hours

Carabineros regulate traffic in and around the stadium, to ensure the safety of participants and improve the way viewers access.

Measures to be taken at the stadium:
• Access established for public input will be on Av Greece, Marathon Avenue, El Sauce (by Pedro de Valdivia Avenue) and Avenida Pedro de Valdivia (see graphic).
The production includes 250 security guards.
There will be a one-person system gates at the entrance door to order the assistant public access.