"The Edge" arrives with his family 2 Chile

The Edge arrived almost a week ahead of the band. While the crew is focused on getting the stage ready.

Edge landed Saturday 19th on a commercial flight ( Flight 533 Lan Chiile ) Of course traveling first class with his wife ( remember her from the video) Most of the flight they spent sleeping, taking some photos with the airline crew which has been posted on facebook.

After landing, “The Edge” and family left the airport via VIP area and left the same day heading to northern Chile, to San Pedro de Atacama.

The guitarist plan is consistent with the initial requests were sent to all producers of his visit: the possibility that the trip mix business with tourism activities. In fact, last week, those responsible for the appointment to the team he sent the group a list of different places to visit, which included locations in the north and others further south, as Villarrica and Pucon.

Of course, “The Edge” decided to go ahead to make tourism more quietly and without being longer immersed in the rhythm of a tour. Despite his surprise landing, is not now considered one of his companions arrive on commercial flights and independently.

In fact, Bono, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen are provided for arriving between now and tomorrow afternoon, on a private plane that also bring their families. Yesterday we pointed out the band will have a couple of private jets on stand by so that they can travel South America between shows.

While the route of the musicians pointed to the break, their logistical and technical staff working at a steady pace in Providencia. “The Claw”, a structure 50 meters high turned into the biggest musical montage that has passed through the country, as can be seen from outside the National Stadium and its structure greatly exceeds the height of the enclosure. “It’s the most impressive that has passed through these places,” he repeated Jake Berry, director of production of 360 ° tour at the stadium field.

The Edge / Dave Long 2011 In addition, Berry anticipates that the boys will prepare a special video series designed in Chile, which have developed in the time that elapsed between the last date of his trip, in late February in South Africa and the current week.

“Bono has always been very interested in Chile, its history and its present, and this material is on that side,” defines Berry.

Since early this year, the band’s staff has requested information about the earthquake of 2010, the bicentennial and the rescue of the miners, issues that form part of the audiovisual substrate of scale in capital.

Especially the latter, as even asked for contacts to reach the miners San Jose.