Bono arrives in Chile Rushed to Hotel

U2 360 Tour Bono  Larry Mullen and Bono just arrived in Chile in hours this afternoon (around noon and 15:30, respectively), and U2 fans come to this hour in constant flux to the National Stadium, where for much of the day is done the sound check and the surrounding area several times they hear songs like “Magnificent”, “I will follow”, “Misterous way”, among others.

The musicians went to the W hotel after landing in Santiago, where it was already “The Edge” and family  , who themselves have participated in the tests in the arena of Providencia.

In the sports arena and fans of the band was then, after that in the early hours of today began to arrive in a steady stream that has not stopped even now, when there are already about 500.

The vast majority of those followers are willing to spend the night outside the stadium, while others will see how to proceed in order to get the big goal: to enter the “Inner Circle” of “The Claw”.

To avoid conflicts of fans have already been organized: each of supporters arriving at the stadium will receive a number, in turn classified into groups of 100, to establish priorities for admission. The move is willingly accepted by all those who until now have come to the sports arena.

Carabineros, meanwhile, has already announced that there will be a special shelter for those who spend the night at the Stadium.

Tomorrow, will open the doors opened at 16 am and the presentation will begin at 20:00 Muse. The main course, as with the expected return of U2, will come at 21:30.