U2 Boosts Chile

U2 Chile Stage Setup Vertigo tour started the love afair between South America and the Irish boys. This time ” No Line on the Horizon” comes to Chile over the next 24 hours and fans are expected from Buenos Aires, La Plata, and all over Santiago to come see the massive stage - They call “the claw”

A las 16:00 horas se abrirán las puertas para concierto de U2 el viernes (At 16:00 hours the doors will open for U2 concert on Friday)

A detailed security plan will have the expected concert Friday offered the Irish U2, which will be his third performance in Chile.

Over 60 thousand people are expected to arrive that day to the National Stadium, the doors opened at 16:00 hours, four hours before the start of the first presentation by the British Muse (20:00).

Public access to the sports stadium should be done according to the indicated door at the entrance, which will be located in the avenues Greece (gates 1 and 4, and 22 to 28), Marathon (5 to 10), Pedro de Valdivia (general field) and Calle El Sauce (doors 11 to 21).

Bono and company start at 21:30.

In addition to effective police guarding the safety and order, some 417 private guards will be added to these tasks, mainly in the 369 checks to be throughout the premises.