La Plata Fans Camp Out

La Plata Fans 2011U2 fans started to camp outside the stadium as the boys get ready to launch a couple of dates in Argentina, U2 has not played in here in over 5 years. Early numbers suggest about 70,000 fans will be attending the show.

The chance to hear “With or without you, “Moment of Surrender, “One”, Beautiful Day, I Will Follow and Pride“are some of the 23 songs the band addressed in these shows that offer in the country , which was introduced 11 years ago under the Pop Mart Tour and for five of its Vertigo Tour “.

Fans arrived with sleeping bags, tents and chairs as they await the start of the show.

Meanwhile, about 1,200 workers continue working in the vicinity of the stadium to mount the revolving stage, called The Claw, which weighs over 180 tonnes.

After the 2,000 seats were sold out hotel, La Plata 243 families enrolled in a municipal register in order to welcome into their homes to the thousands of tourists who come to the city.