Next Up Estadio Unico de La Plata City

U2 will arrive in Argentina with crews already working on buildingthe stage. About 1,200 people are currently working on getting it right. This will be the third time the band has played Argentina. This Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The group has sold out all three shows. Hundreds of people worked on Sunday to overhaul the city Estadio Unico de La Plata, 50 km south of Buenos Aires, where they will be next Wednesday the Irish band U2 in the first of three concerts that will take place in Argentina.

The band go on stage with a 140 m2 screen mounted in the center of the stadium, one of the most modern in Latin America and the only roof in the country. Towering cranes worked on Sunday in the assembly of structures in the field which has the advantage of having a removable system to protect the grass, which allowed large-sized machinery.

U2 will be playing on a structure of more than 180 tons of weight with a cylindrical screen and the stage setup at 360 degrees which allows the public located around its perimeter, in the center of the field. The Irish band will perform on Wednesday 30 and on 2 and 3 April as part of his world tour U2 360 º tour that kicked off his Latin American tour Friday in Santiago de Chile, where he was delirious 75,000 people.

After three concerts in Argentina will be playing in Brazil, where the first 80,000 tickets put on sale sold out in just eleven hours. The Irish band will play in Argentina with the band Muse as a guest.