U2 Fan Club Fans Not Happy

Members of U2’s official fan club have created an online petition voicing their displeasure over paying a $50 annual membership fan club fee “for a product that is embarrassingly sub par.” The petition had 665 signatures with a goal of 50,000.

In a letter written by “The Fans” titled ‘The Fanclub Is a Cannibal — U2.com, Fans Need More,’ and published last week on Petitionspot.com, fans addressed six main problems, including customer service issues such as orders being canceled or delayed, as well as “generic and uninformative” responses when fans inquired about the former.

It seems that the two main issues concern concert presales and the value fans get from the $50 membership. Previously, fans paying for U2.com membership often got first chance at concert tickets but that no longer happens due to sports teams and “certain credit cards” often offering the same opportunity.

Regarding the value, fans say that aside from posts like ‘Willie’s Diary’ there is very little value offered. “REM subscription is $12 and members receive actual unreleased tracks,” the letter says. Pearl Jam — whose fan club membership is $40 — are also cited for giving streaming radio access, a magazine, free tracks available for download and vinyl, t-shirts and a coupon enabling fans “to download a free ‘bootleg’ Pearl Jam concert of their choice.”

Before we go a head and start blaming Live Nation lets consider the options. Today you have your choice of thousands of U2 sites and many of the offer the same bit of information as the next one. Sometimes you can even find the same stories. So before ew trash the U2.com fan site lets look at what we as fans would like to have. Lets start the conversation as to whats important and build from that list. 

Frankly its a couple of fan based sites that may be adding fuel to the fire that has been burning for a couple of years. Maybe to position their site as the best option for U2 fans. 

Our position is clear. We are a fan based site. We are focused on you the fan. All the other crap can just sit by the waste side. Hell who has the time to spending all day bitching about some fan club. When all we really want is good music, and a band that respects their fans to not produce crap. End of story 

Oh not really - We have been working behind the covers of our site to add new team members. We will be posting our job requirments within a few days. Yes of course you already know that a couple of other fan sites are expanding too. We support their growth and believe that we can all support the U2 fan base.