U2TOURFANS Chief Editor Speaks Up

U2 fans over the past few days we have begun to see a series of reports that fans are upset with the current state of the U2.com fan site. Upset that the cost of $50.00 does not really provide them anything of great value and that many other U2 fan based sites provide a current view of the band and updated stories hours before the U2.com site.

I have to agree with all of the comments. I do believe that the non profit fan based sites tend to have a true pulse on the fan and the band. We don’t have all the resources of a Live Nation supported site we do seem to keep ahead of them. We seem to really tell the story of the tour, the music and provide a wide selection of options to get our U2 news.

You have choices. Those choices range from a paying site such as U2.com or any of the hundreds of free ones in any language you would like. The only true difference was the ticket selection. Which from my view seemed to be a waste of money too.

Since the start of the tour we have purchased tickets and used our codes. What we have found is that our code did not provide any better seat than our ticketmaster skills or our relationship with the many of the sponsored ticket systems.

I support the fans interest in pointing out concerns with the current fan site model. I agree some changes need to be made to support fans real time need to be informed. What I don’t agree with is the idea that fans can rant and rave about an issue and not provide any suggested solutions.

What would you like to see from a U2.com fan base site ? How would it support your interests? How much should it cost? How often updated and so on. Why not share those thoughts too. Its better to offer suggestions and try to work with the fan club to make changes that make sense and provide real value for all of us.

Its about the music.

Your Editor in Chief


P.S. We have some wonderful fan sites. I support them all and believe that we all have a place within the U2 fans heart.