U2 Pays Tribute in Sao Paulo

Last night the clouds seemed to part over Murumba, this is nothing new for Sao Paulo when the weather becomes over cast its more of a matter of time and not if its going to rain. Muse took the stage and some drops fell from the from the sky opened up. Muse got most of the rain; it rained during most of their set. 

The audience did not mind the rain for they knew what was soon to come, as the Muse set ended fans began to scream louder, which is the norm for U2 fans waiting for the appearance of their band.

Bono appeared on the screen above the empty stage and the clouds parted as if they knew it’s almost time for greatest to appear and within seconds “Even Better Than The Real Thing” began to play and the boys from Ireland appeared.

This tour stop the main attraction was the stage, well it’s the main attraction every show. The band played an impressive set to match the impressive stage.

The highlights were the songs “Walk On, Where The Streets Have No Name, Beautiful Day and With or Without You  during those songs it seem as if  Morumbi had one voice, creating an atmosphere that can only be understood by those who already was in a show the size of a U2 concert.

Bono made reference to the Beatles and played a little bit of “Help”.  Bono also asked fans to sing a Happy Birthday to Julian Lennon, son of John Lennon. At the end of the show, the Irish group ever engaged honored the dead in the tragedy of Realengo, in Rio de Janeiro. The names of all the victims appeared on screen, while the singer lamented the loss to the sound of Moment Of Surrender.