U2 Out of Control with 90K Fans

São Paulo: Where do we start with so many events happening in one night it’s hard to put it all down on paper. For U2 fans yesterdays show in São Paulo was special as we reported earlier in the day that Sunday’s show was expected to have a few surprises. 

The fans where not disappointed. Lets start off with one fan that decided that those that could not attend the show deserved to the see the show too. @GUSTAVOLF had tweeter a buzz as this person broadcasted the show live to fans all around the world. 

Than something that has not happened this tour started to take hold. Tweeter trending #Zooropa which set the stage for an amazing evening with the boys, which we have videos, photos and of course our set list.  Fans are always welcomed to send in their own videos. 

So lets dive into the show. The second night of the 360 tour in São Paulo was a success, in many ways for the band.   

“Our relationship with Brazil is long, as if we were married,” joked the singer Bono at the historical show. The strong rain that fell during the afternoon gave a little rest before Muse got onstage. And when Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. played the first chords of ‘Even Better Than The Real Thing”, at 21h13, the moon crowned the Morumbi stadium.

Portuguese with a curled, the leader of the Irish band greeted fans of Sao Paulo, Campinas, Santos letting out a “We Love Brazil” - which sounded sincere in front of the stage on claw, the impressive lighting effects and the applause of 90,000 spectators.  The audience seemed louder than Bono on “I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For.

The show lasted about 2 hours and had all of the expected songs ; Vertigo, One, With or Without You and Sunday Bloody Sunday, involving a girl from the audience and social and political messianism.  However it was the the debut of “Out Of Control” which was the second song from Boy to be played this tour.  Most fans will say the biggest surprise was “Zooropa” which was performed live for the first time since August 12, 1993 and has only been played three times ever and all the those times where considered incomplete performances.

The screen reproduces a speech by South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu. In his sermons, Bono said the conflict in Libya, paid tribute to Nobel Peace Prize Aung San Suu Kyi, paid tribute to victims of the massacre in Realengo and reminded that one billion people living in poverty, citing Brazil as a model to follow. “Brazil is a serious country, is the country of the moment, is the country now.”

For 35-year career, the Irish quartet has performed for more than 7 million people in 30 countries, paying an average of 63,600 per show. All tickets for the final show  in Morumbi, on Wednesday, are sold. After ending this leg of the tour, the band takes the biggest tour in history en route to Mexico, the United States and Canada.