2nd Show Rocks Argentina

U2 Argentina 2011 /U2 360 Tour U2’s second show was pure rock according to U2 fans attending tonight’s show. We have a couple of great videos and photos to be posted.The boys well rested after a couple of days off between shows ( which was a first ) and we can expect to see it again in Mexico next month. During the soundcheck today Even Better Than the Real Thing, Stuck In a Moment, New Year’s Day and Ultra were tested out again. Of course they all make the set list which we have updated.What was interesting was that NOLOTH was missing a couple of tunes and the show seemed to lean towards the  Elevation Tour notably 4 of the 5 consecutive songes straight from All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Achtung Baby was also a big player in tonights show. Some fans posted disapointment on twitter as other’s seemed to not miss NOLOTH. Expectations run high for the 3rd night, most fans will have attended all three shows and have some expecations for somthing a bit different, something not on the U2 script. Hum what could that be?