U2 Possible Tour Stops in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina

New York City: The newspaper "La Tercera De Chile" has awoken many U2 fans within South America, breaking news reports suggests that Live Nation has already signed agreements from around South America. Which at this time can not be confirmed.

The South/Latin American tour would be part of the current tour "The Joshua Tree" expectations are that this could come later in the year,  the paper suggests more towards the end of the year.

Makes sense South/Latin America would be in the summertime, and the weather for stadium shows would be better in most venues also for tour routing. As details develop, we will let you know. For now, let's just chill a bit and see what happens.


Argentina 3rd Show Difference

The reviews have all come in U2 was fired up last night in La Plata – The last of 3 shows as part of the 360 Tour. The Claw will be packed up and sent on its way later today ( well it will take about three days )

Leon Gieco and Francisca Valenzuela joined the last time during the show in Chile a couple of days easlier.
Gieco sang backing vocals and guitar by Bono “All I ask of God,” in an emotional block that also included a prayer from factory own “I Still Have not Found What I’m looking for.”
It was the latest of several surprises that left the Irish in Argentina. The first was the inclusion of, “Even Better Than The Real Thing”, a song from Achtung Baby The boys had not played the song for several years.
Beyond the basic set list is more or less unchanged;a U2 sought to create nuances in the three that shows at La Plata that made each a unique experience for fans.

Last night, the main surprise was the entry of Gieco on stage, but there were more changes. The classic “Pride (In The Name Of Love)”“Bad”, a jewel of the album The Unforgettable Fire. And for the first time “Magnificent”, was not included.
There was one failure in these three U2 concerts, the band did not play any song from their 1987 album, Rattle and Hum. But for the more than 150 000 fans who filled the stadium for three nights everyone enjoyed the show and wondered a bit if this was the last time they will get to see Bono and the boys.  



2nd Show Rocks Argentina

U2 Argentina 2011 /U2 360 Tour U2’s second show was pure rock according to U2 fans attending tonight’s show. We have a couple of great videos and photos to be posted.The boys well rested after a couple of days off between shows ( which was a first ) and we can expect to see it again in Mexico next month. During the soundcheck today Even Better Than the Real Thing, Stuck In a Moment, New Year’s Day and Ultra were tested out again. Of course they all make the set list which we have updated.What was interesting was that NOLOTH was missing a couple of tunes and the show seemed to lean towards the  Elevation Tour notably 4 of the 5 consecutive songes straight from All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Achtung Baby was also a big player in tonights show. Some fans posted disapointment on twitter as other’s seemed to not miss NOLOTH. Expectations run high for the 3rd night, most fans will have attended all three shows and have some expecations for somthing a bit different, something not on the U2 script. Hum what could that be?

2nd Night Argentina

Tonight, La Plata, U2 gives its second concert in Argentina, as part of a 3 night series the 360 Tour started on  Wednesday with about 60 thousand delirious fans packed into stadium in La Plata.

Unique Stadium gates will be open from 16, organizers said, U2 taking the stage at 19.30. Follow tonights show via tweeter stream or twitter as well as the hash marks  #U2360ARG #U2360SAM

U2 returns to step on the impressive stage set for the show that was what gave the name to the tour, as the Irish band’s performance can be seen from anywhere in the stadium because of the way in which it was built the scenery.

Regarding the role of Sunday, the last of U2 in Argentina before heading to Brazil to continue to segment the South American world tour 360 º, the opening hours of door will be at 15 and U2 will take the stage at 19 hours. 

Argentina We Love U

U2 in La Plata: The ship landed on Wednesday.

U2 during its 35 years has grown, evolced, risked, became, formed, deformed. Army feathering in Sunday Bloody Sunday ‘83, blues quartet in Rattle and Hum, plant hits on The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby exploration, techno-dance pop and sinuous in creativity in the century, always operated by a social and political commitment which won awards and critical leader.

All that was the Irish quartet, on Wednesday, Argentine premiere U2 360 ° Tour, which landed at the Estadio Unico de La Plata with its huge “Claw”, a score of great songs and a never before seen technology deployment in country.

In the world of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen everything seems calculated to the point that any sign of spontaneity raises suspicions. At that point, the issue passes or not to believe in intellectual honesty, and other machinery that drives the brand that became U2.

From the start of Even Better Than the Real Thing on the heels of the Space Oddity of Bowie intro - Rocket Man, in the epilogue, spatially complete the journey, the night moved through a healthy way of contrast.

Of the 90 to I Will Follow, and then to present Get On Your Boots and Magnificent, not temporality defined Bono (are) asked: “What time is it in the world?” In the sense that Mysterious Ways ( even with inserts of the Beatlesque My Sweet Lord and Norwegian Wood), and even chaotic Until the End of the World taquito leave them, to the shock of the crowd jumping and singing Elevation. “They’re more”, dropped the singer, before I Still Have not Found What I ‘Looking For. And suddenly, the visual paraphernalia out of focus, to return to The Edge textures that you invented a Beautiful Day-plus -. Blackbird Beatles Then, In a Little While with “girl of the public who climbs onto the stage to sing Bono.”

With the claw again as protagonist, the sequence City of Blinding Eyes - Vertigo - I’ll Go Crazy If I Do not Go Crazy Tonight gave way to political bloc.

Sunday …

First, Scarlet and Walk On and after closure of the triad. Meanwhile, the screen and Bono made reference to Libya, Egypt, the Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi, launched a “Hallelujah” and Amnesty International activists framed, with candles, the first false ending.

More explicit message. Desmond Tutu, subtitled. Health, protection of children and education in poor countries. E implied.

One and Mother of Disappeared before Where the Streets Have No Name. To the end, the real one, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me and With Or Without You as a launch pad for flight control of The Edge, Clayton in the opposite cardinal point of the stage, hanging from Bono wheel-shaped microphone and rubbing his face against the camera. Mullen, where ever.

One more, and nothing else.

Moment of Surrender. The Edge on piano, the last ride bonus down the runway, greeting Gustavo Cerati, the total due for all, and “Love, love, love and respect.”

U2 in Argentina Fans Love It

The mega show in Argentina last night started with over 60 thousand screaming fans in LA Plata which was the first of  three concerts.

Just after 21:30 on Wednesday the earger audience wait was over the boys started the show different that most nights, electing to open with Even Better Than The Real Thing, The boys finaly returned after three years. Going back a couple of years with a classic  “I Will Follow”.

The beast was already unleashed. Bono and his band (The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr) had turned the field at Estadio One of La Plata in a scene from another planet. The circular structure of 400 tons simulated a huge ‘claw’ from which the group was delirious fans.

U2 has a long romance with the Argentine public, which began in 1998 with his first appearance in that country with the PopMart Tour. The next visit was in 2006 when they presented the Vertigo Tour and the latter with “360 °

With the band on stage, the majesty of the structure and the first two issues and interpreted, little was needed for the show was on wheels: Magnificent, Mysterious Ways, and Elevation remained in the repertoire.

“After a gasp tired, Bono says (in Spanish) that Argentines” are the most ‘, “said the journalist on Twitter at full recital. Bono, the soul of the band, squandered thanks and winks to the Argentine public. Lover football, the Irish did not hesitate to include one of the greatest passions of the Rio de la Plata in his show. He introduced his band with the names of white and blue team players and won the name “Apache Carlitos,” referring Carlos Tevez, Manchester City Idol (Britain).

The stage with the play of light and screens operated. The crowd overflowed from fanaticism and U2 gave a dose of rock than expected: I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For, Beautiful Day, Miss Sarajevo, City Of Blinding Lights, Vertigo, and I’ll Go Crazy If I Do not Go Crazy Tonight. No missed Sunday Bloody Sunday, Scarlet and Walk On.

These feared the end, but came the encores. One, With or Without You and the closure Moment of Surrender. “I do not give more by emotion,” Bono said after the show. Grateful fans.

U2 Rocks 58K Fans in Buenos Aires

BUENOS AIRES- After five years without coming to light blue and white ground, U2 returns to appear tonight in Argentina in the first of three concerts that will provide in the Estadio Unico de La Plata (the other two will be on 2 and 3 April) as part of their tour called “Tour 360 º.”  

Fans of the group began to enter the premises and nearby recorded long queues.

Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, promised to provide a spectacle never seen before, generating feelings for all the senses.

It is expected that the group, which sold over 190 million records worldwide, with emphasis on his latest album, “Songs of Ascent”, without forgetting its iconic themes such as “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “With or Without You “” One “and” City of Blinding Lights, “among others.

The group U2, formed in 1976, was twice in the country until this series of concerts. Both played at the Monumental de Nuñez. The first was in 1998 and the second under the “Vertigo Tour” in 2006. Wearing a jacket with the colors of the flag of Argentina, Bono became delirious crowd at both dates.


Argentina Ready?

Tonights show is the first of three shows the boys have planed for Argentina. The stadium de la Plata is ready to host the crawl and give way to some 70 thousand expected fans. Tonight doors open at 16:00 and the show starts at 19:30 with Muse warming up for U2. The next two shows are  april 2nd and apirl 3rd. With thousands of fans already outside waiting near the entrance its just a matter of time before we get to see our boys someone screams from the crowd.

Third visit

U2 in Argentina took place in 1998, River, when they were in full Popmart tour. At that time, Bono invited the leader of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo to the stage, a gesture that is expected to repeat. The second time on Argentine soil was in 2006, also in the Monumental, during the  the Vertigo Tour .For the third visit to our country, the band consists of Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen and Adam Clayton promises an outstanding show, a show that some do not hesitate to describe as the most ambitious in the history of rock.

Follow tonights show via twitter or facebook - Of course we will update the videos after the show.