Bono and Edge Sign 4 Mexico Fans

Mexico: A U2 fan who arrived at 4:00 am at St. Regis hotel to set aside a good place to get a firm bond, decided to organize an access list and place numbers entering the meeting with the band, order broke down and the meeting with the Irish musicians almost frustrated. Around 16:50 hours the lead singer of the band, and guitarist The Edge, left the St. Regis hotel, located in Paseo de la Reforma, to live with their fans before the second concert in the stadium offer Azteca. However, in the presence of so many people, around 2 thousand fans, Bono decided to transfer the fences in place and assess the size of the call, action taken by surprise to just over 20 security features in order guarding expected. Such was the excitement of the people to see the artist up close, they immediately began jostling that occurred to the entrance of parking space that did not have any type of fence, so that at times the Irish singer was cornered . Realizing this, the security features sought ways to intervene, leading to the singer of “Vertigo” inside the hotel back to shelter.

The Edge continued to sign and posing for the cameras on the other side of the fence, as far as was also surprised by his followers. After a few minutes, in which it was to reorganize the spontaneous coexistence with the singer, Bono stepped forward to continue the firm with his followers, being 320 of which had the access granted by the spontaneous organizer. Always friendly and a great smile, altruistic causes the driver put his signature on CDs, books, shirts, hats and even a couple of guitars. For those who chose to spontaneous signing nothing where the Irish capture his signature, some vendors chose to stand near the hotel to offer books, shirts and posters, which ranged between 50 and 250 pesos. Although discreet in his speech, Bono said to be thrilled to see so many people gathered and realize that you have love Mexicans. Twenty minutes after leaving, the pair of musicians concluded the meeting with the upper hand and waving still at the bottom of the van that would take up the Coloso de Santa Ursula, where around 100 000 fans awaiting for the next show.