Who is Memphis Mullen ?

We have been talking for a couple of months now about Memphis (M2) as the crew here likes to call her. Yea we know of the other M2 and we think his pretty cool too - Anyway 
Talk about a passion U2 she has it however take that passion and double it for Larry Mullen Jr. Her concert journey started in Denver a couple of nights back with the kick off of U2’s USA leg of the 360 Tour. 
If your a U2 fan you understand the passion and drive that one has for the boys from Ireland yet you have to wonder what would make a fan change her career and embark on the journey to write and document the ultimate U2 fan story. Its an adventure that we are sure to follow daily as she reports from the around the tour, meeting fans like you and discovering new fans.
Success does not come without challenges. Memphis will be on the road for 2 full months and in order to complete this book she will need some support from all of us. Lets all reach in to our pockets and take out our starbucks money and make a donation to her book.  Please join the whole team in welcoming  Memphis Mullen - “On The Road with U2”  
Hey be sure to stop her along the way, take a photo, grab some cool stickers and just cheer her on !