Backstage at U2 Mexico

After last September 21, 2010 were confirmed that U2 was coming to Mexico with his “U2 360 ° Tour”, the expectation of his followers has increased, as one of its attractions is “The Claw” (the claw ) which has been innovating in the production of live shows and which has come to the Azteca Stadium pitch.

“From the Friday, April 29 began to bring campers and some units to be used as dressing rooms for both production and for the band. Also reached a fairly large contingent of trailers, in total will be 90. Three times more than any other concert we have ever had, told El Economista Héctor Raúl Barrios, Director of Operations of the Estadio Azteca in charge of logistics for mounting the production.

Interviewee says that the group had brought more trucks’ N Sync with 52, and in 2001 was the world’s largest production. Now U2 sets record. The 90 trailers loaded everything from “the irons, especially the floor which will build the structure that is shaped like a spider, audio, video, special effects and the need for the event,” said Barrios.

Mounting the stage started after the court was delivered on Sunday 1 May. Be used approximately 5,500 square feet to mount it. “We know that the grass will no longer so ready now 6.500 meters of grass in the nursery. Once we deliver the field on May 17 evening, we will begin restoration work to be ready by July 10 when the final of the FIFA U-17 “details.

In terms of time everything is in order - says-“The American people work from 8 am on Monday, May 2 in the placement of the base of the stage. Then begin to mount the iron bars and then comes what is production: audio and video. Everything will be ready for the soundcheck of 9 and 10 of this month. “

“We have information that the band will be at the Azteca Stadium on 9 and May 10 for testing. But when it comes to Mexico, yes I know, “says the manager of logistics for mounting the production.


The assembly kicked off on Monday, May 2, “and must be completed on the 8th. Ready to go 9. The disassembly starts after the event ends on 15 and give us the pitch on day 17 between 9 and 10 pm, ahead of The Economist.

About 250 people are working for the assembly, telling the Mexican staff ICE, the U.S. production and the Estadio Azteca.

Barrios talks for the moment the four parking lots generally used are saturated. In each are being carried out various maneuvers and operations for the event. “As the empty trucks are to leave three to get the space you normally require. General parking has not been touched, nor the shed. “

It has been speculated that members of the group could get to their concerts by helicopter, “that I have not confirmed yet, but we are seeing the area normally used as a heliport, but confirmation of how the band will not yet have 100 % sure “he says.


“What we provide at the Azteca are the spaces. Only the band asked us 2,500 square meters. There is parking on the south side which is preparing for a hospital, catering for the group and rest areas. Besides there is the whole backstage area, production, et cetera. “

The Director of Operations ensures that Azteca Stadium holding the event is a great challenge in the history of the stadium had not faced. “We’ve never had such a big event, so heavy and so important as to show respect by removing the part of football. Just as the Azteca stadium can afford them. “


Around 18,000 people with tickets to court will be the first to enter the stadium - he explains - and then open the doors for all other people who attend.

“We will have a record entry of 110,000 people in each of the three concerts. No longer be possible to regain this amount of public concerts because we normally do in the stadium are not 360 °. In fact we Luis Miguel, Gloria Estefan, Elton John, Michael Jackson did not address all the back stage. This is unique in that the scenario is almost in the center of the court and you can see around, “says the interviewee.

He noted that some places have set aside in the corners because the spider-shaped stage and each of the legs is not complete visibility. “These places do not take up and people can be assured that if you purchased a ticket is because it will 100% see the show.”

- How long have you been involved in this project?
- “We’ve seen things with people in production since 2009 because we must remember that we have this event since last year but Bono health issues and problems that brought the band was canceled and rescheduled for this year. So it’s almost two years that we are with this project. We hope everything goes well and that May 11 is closed throughout this stage of preparations, “he says.

Héctor Raúl Barrios confirms the existence of which U2 has three stages around the world: “What I’ve heard is that it is. You can not have a single scenario that walks throughout the tour. There are three spiders. Three huge bugs are being assembled in different parts so that when the band gets is all perfectly prepared and able, without any problems, give their concerts. “


The Azteca official confessed by the pressure is great, but it is a different emotion to make something that has to do with football. “It’s the biggest show in the world. Is equaled to prepare the World Cup or the Pope’s visit. Of that size is for us this emotion. “

But he also says that implies a big commitment as a total for the three nights telling the staff, vendors and employees for the event will be 350.000 spectators, “to which we must give public security, lighting and sanitation. We believe we have the preparation and infrastructure to pull it off. “

“We work shoulder to shoulder with the production and take into account all the recommendations we make and try to resolve it as quickly, professionalism and quality they require. Is the best show in the world today and hopefully I can enjoy, it’s worth coming because it does not come to Mexico every day, “he adds.


The recommendations are the same as attending a soccer game: you can not enter with weapons, umbrellas, large buckles or packaging. It will give more details on the website and through its twitter.

“You must come as comfortable as possible because the doors will be open from 3:30 to 4 pm and the show starts until almost 10 pm. Many hours which will run until the end of the event expected to conclude at 12:30 pm, “concludes Héctor Raúl Barrios, Director of Operations of the Estadio Azteca.


The “360 ° Tour” which kicked off in Barcelona on June 30, 2009, managed to dethrone The Rolling Stones’s number one who had won four years ago with their “Bigger Bang Tour.”
The most ambitious tour of all time still has 26 shows pending and completed in Canada on July 30, 2011, when estimated to be collected about $ 700 million and will have been seen by more than 7 million people in 30 countries , as announced on 12 April, the concert promoter Live Nation with the Irish band who has a 12-year contract.

The “Bigger Bang Tour” to The Rolling Stones took place from 2005 to 2007 raised $ 554 million in ticket sales.

Madonna, the Queen of Pop, he could not stay without a crown and her “Sticky & Sweet Tour” which took place from August 23, 2008 to September 2, 2009 grossed $ 408 million, becoming an artist’s tour soloist with major gains of all time, surpassing the record that she had established in 2006 with “Confessions Tour,” which grossed $ 194 million.