Mexico Calls it U2 Week !

U2 has three concerts scheduled in the Azteca Stadium from May 11, just one day after the Bono’s birthday. We will be updating the site with tons of great Bono photos and look for you to send your Bono birthday wishes in.

But the high demand for their fans not only reflected in the sale of tickets, but they themselves have become subject to sale items.

The quartet has, on the official website, a section of unique sales for Latin America. But do not just sell shirts, mugs and pins in collection, but also any kind of merchandise related to the activities of the group, and in particular of his vocals. Such is the case of Bono carries rosary in several concerts, sometimes hanging from the microphone.

A copy of this rosary is sold through a website which states that this item is brought directly from Italy. The seller claims it is the same as the singer has revealed itself in four different models including one gold and one of wood.

Or the ticket collection “One Bonodollar” limited edition. This article served to promote the movie The Million Dollar Hotel (2000), which Bono made the music and participated in developing the script. Appears on the ticket face interpreter.

A close relationship

In the past there were many rumors that the band stopped coming to Mexico because of an altercation with the family of a politician. The truth is that despite all, Paul Hewson, Larry Mullen Jr., David Evans (The Edge) and Adam Clayton cherish each one of the visits they make to our country, and in return, among U2 fans have several celebrities.

Matando Cabos producer and Saving Private Perez, Billy Rovzar, says that it is eager to see them again, because it is a staunch fan of the band for several years.

“This week we are naming as U2 week, is sacred! We will be in the three dates and we are excited. I believe that we will see is the most spectacular show from Pop Mart (the tour). I saw them five times already, I was in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, is an amazing concert that neither commanded to do for the Azteca Stadium, “said excited the artist, who is declared ready for a whole week dedicated to the Irish.

Many people speak of the innocence and human quality of Bono, but the producer recalled how he was the last time I lived with Bono. “We were in an incredible living Jaime Camil, we had lunch at his ranch. And to see Bond on TV, listen to your music, it totally changes when you know, human quality blinds you: when you see someone as big as he talk about the weather, the grass, how it behaves when no cameras, is something that leaves you with good taste, “says Rovzar.

Rovzar currently lies within the line producer of the Broadway musical, Spider-Man: Turn off the dark, stage where The Edge and Bono played music history.

“We are partners in Spiderman, he is personally rewriting the music, is also co-producer. Work for things I have not been on the boards has had with others, but hopefully soon be. “

Artist contributions

No doubt fans of the quartet would do anything to see the band because when U2 announced he would attend Monterrey in 2006, some fans traveled by bus for 15 hours to address the technological stage.

A follower of the band spent three thousand dollars in pure marketing, between her sweatshirts, pictures, shirts, mugs and claimed that Bono was all for it.

One night the band arrived at a prestigious hotel on Reforma Avenue in Mexico City and dismounting from the truck carrying them, Bono approached the fans who were outside the building.

The singer told to keep quiet and be with them, but some began to scream and try to get close and then the security team took to the band.

The incident was almost a scandal. The next day Bono took a few pictures with fans who stayed there.