Bono and The Edge Awaken The Meadowlands

U2 arrived in the Meadowlands ready to prove that they are still the “greatest rock band in the world” Bono reached into his pocket; pulled a sheet paper out that was an old set list, which dates back some 30 years to a club that has long been gone, yet we are still here said Bono.

Reviews are still coming in, yet some of the press has failed to understand that the tour has been around the world and they are on the home mile. Of course, the show is a visual masterpiece unlike any other show that has been played at here, yet the boys seemed a bit disharmonious.

Bono was a bit chattier – referencing the tour equipment and the lengths to which the tour has gone. The boys are about 2 years late in their arrival. The set list has followed the last couple of shows. Fans enjoyed the experience.   The band has gigs in Minneapolis and Pittsburgh before wrapping up its road run at the Magnetic Hill Music Festival in Moncton, New Brunswick.