Bono, Brian Williams join NJ superstorm relief fund's board

Bono and NBC news anchor Brian Williams are the newest board members of a charity launched by the New Jersey governor and his wife to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

With their appointments, announced Tuesday, they join Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and other celebrities on the board.

So far, the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund has raised more than $32 million from more than 22,000 donors worldwide.

Known for his humanitarian efforts, Bono said he was inspired by the work of volunteers after the superstorm hit. Williams grew up at the Jersey Shore.

The Oct. 29 storm was one of the worst to strike the Northeast U.S. It is blamed for more than 130 deaths and tens of billions of dollars in property damage.

Bono and The Edge Awaken The Meadowlands

U2 arrived in the Meadowlands ready to prove that they are still the “greatest rock band in the world” Bono reached into his pocket; pulled a sheet paper out that was an old set list, which dates back some 30 years to a club that has long been gone, yet we are still here said Bono.

Reviews are still coming in, yet some of the press has failed to understand that the tour has been around the world and they are on the home mile. Of course, the show is a visual masterpiece unlike any other show that has been played at here, yet the boys seemed a bit disharmonious.

Bono was a bit chattier – referencing the tour equipment and the lengths to which the tour has gone. The boys are about 2 years late in their arrival. The set list has followed the last couple of shows. Fans enjoyed the experience.   The band has gigs in Minneapolis and Pittsburgh before wrapping up its road run at the Magnetic Hill Music Festival in Moncton, New Brunswick.

U2 Giant Show

U2’2 360 Tour pulled into New Jersey tonight (Wednesday) for a two night show with its massive stage, trucks, crew and sound.

U2TOURFANS FILE PHOTO U2 played a refreshingly casual set (see euro set list) taking a 60,000 seat venue and reducing it to a “one love” melting pot of people. It’s hard to view this massive show as intimate until you have attended. Which if you have not had a chance and you’re in the tri state area Thursday night is your last chance to see them this year rumors say expect to see them again 2010 – However that’s rumor right now.

Bono played host, introduced his mates, Adam, Larry and of course The Edge, it seem as if to say he did you know these guys.

The venue considered to be “Bruce’s” home was paid some respect as Bruce Springsteen celebrated his 60th birthday. Amazing in that Bruce turned 60, I guess we are all getting older. The boys covered “She’s the One’ then moved right into their own classic “Desire.” There was a dedication to Quincy Jones who we are told was in the crowd by blending Michael Jackson’s song “Don’t Stop “Till You Get Enough. This could be considered part of the show. It was mixed into the euro sets often.

Bono has never been to shy for words. Spoke out to the UN which happens to be in town by mixing in “Not right now” into their new song “Get on Your Boots” Comment was “I don’t wanna talk about wars between nations.”

As expected most of the songs came from their 12th studio album, word is that we can expect lucky 13 to arrive shortly (2010) Most of the fans agreed that the favorites such as “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” on which Bono gladly let the crowd take lead vocals, and “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” which he bookended with salutes to political dissidents in Iran seem to keep the crowd engaged.

The vague space them was centered around some astronauts appearing on the giant wrap around screen.  The boys did make fun of that as Bono cracked a joke “One step for a small man.”

Over all most fans will agree……………………… Well we will let you fill in the blank. Thursday is here