Critics, Fans and Tour

Musicians have a love hate with critics and those that claim to be in the industry with knowledge of what the "fan" wants. This weekend NYT blog has some pretty interesting comments about the up coming tour, the band and the "uncertain" album.

U2 fans have been lucky that the band has already turned a deaf ear to what critics say or those that want to say "its time to call it a day"  

The fact that the boys are so what healthy and that while so fans would like more cities added to the tour most understand that its better to have a few cities and a healthy band with great shows then canceled shows. Its not easy being the worlds greatest band.

This summer tour season has a couple of BIG bands out on the road. Rolling Stones, Greatful Dead, Van Halen just to name a few.  For most this would be the " Summer of Love" the big blow out. However not for U2, this is the summer to give audiences a chance to really soak in the new album a possible taste of the next album.

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