New Album, New World Tour

"We know we have to spend a couple of years taking these songs around the world, so they'd better be good" - Bono

The machine is in full swing now ! Its clear that U2 will be heading out a world tour to support their up coming studio release. What is not clear when this whole experience will kick off.  One thing we did notice is that their new manager gets the whole new music industry. Technology infused with music.  Ya that sounds strange coming from U2. However look at it from the bigger picture Fan based websites have really connected with the audiences, the introduction of Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and yes even Facebook have made music more accessible to fans.

However the next step would have to look at how to interconnect the band with the fans without over saturating the band with fans.  Fans are key to any successful band and they are the life blood within today's music environment yet its all about balance and control.  The U2TOURFANS experience was a creative idea early on to bring  the fans closer to the conversation. Connecting the social media platforms to create a open community that can experience the music, videos and create dialog that moves the band front and center in this digital world.