Next U2 Album, Next Year, Maybe

Photo Credit: Mark Peterson/U2TOURFANS

Photo Credit: Mark Peterson/U2TOURFANS

New York: A story comes out of the Irish Times this morning that reviews the suggesting that the new album may not be released until 2018.

Bono also revealed that their next single was directly inspired by sports pundit Eamon Dunphy.

“Eamon said this beautiful thing about me once in a bar in Dublin - he said “Bono, Ali is the best thing about you,” referring to Bono’s wife, Ali Hewson.

Fans waiting for quality is not as easy as you might think however U2 has always been able to find its way to the next release. This one proves to be the most challenging and most likely well crafted, Grammy Award winning and album to come.

Enjoy the summer shows as the new album continues to develop.


Credit: Irish Times

Next Album Comes Under Your Pillow !

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New York City:  We are busy in the office today; working our calendars for our field reporters and photographers to be able to get the best crew out to most if not all of the tour cities and we got a bit of a laugh this morning with some comments from The Edge. Take a look:

During a Rolling Stones interview, The Edge was asked "Do you have any idea how the next album will be distributed? There was so much attention paid to the distribution of the last one."
 Edge said: My plan is that Bono and I would sneak into everyone's house and put a CD under their pillow.

Oops Billboard! Loose Lips, Creates A Buzz

New York City:  24 hrs may seem like a long time, however, have learned very early sometimes you better wait before reporting a source's statement.

It looks like Billboard's reporter Lipshutz may have jumped out a bit early on a story that suggests U2 2017 concert schedule.

Jason Lipshutz ( which we are a fan of his work) published a story suggesting sources told him that U2 would do a series of dates and even suggested a headline slot a major festival. However, within a short time, the whole article has been edited to remove the rumors and any of the proposed details. 

U2 marketing machine would want to be in full control of the timing and release of any tour news.  Too bad for Jason that all of the outlets picked up on his story and ran with it as if it was gospel.  U2 fans don't worry the tour news will be forthcoming in due time.




U2 to Headline iHeartRadio Music Festival

U2, Drake, Sting to Headline iHeartRadio Music Festival

U2, Drake, Britney Spears and Sting lead the lineup for the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival and Daytime Village. The two-day celebration will happen on September 23rd and 24th at Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena.

Joining the main events. Sam Hunt, Twenty One Pilots, Billy Idol, Florida Georgia Line, Sia, OneRepublic, Cage the Elephant, Zedd, Tears for Fears, Ariana Grande, Pitbull and Usher have additionally been tapped for the occasion. Ryan Seacrest will host.

Fans will be ableto live stream the celebration through the CW Network on its official site and in addition the CW cell phone application.

The 2016 occasion will be the 6th yearly iHeartRadio Music Festival, which has occurred every September since 2011 in Las Vegas. The celebration has banded together with the CW since 2012. A year ago's main events included Demi Lovato, Kanye West, Sam Smith, Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, the Weeknd and Lil Wayne. Past years have facilitated Taylor Swift, Steven Tyler, Kelly Clarkson, Nicki Minaj, No Doubt and Bon Jovi.


U2 Grammy Hopeful 2016 Dream?

U2 / Mark Peterson 2016 / U2TOURFANS.

U2 / Mark Peterson 2016 / U2TOURFANS.

New York:  The band has sold more than 145 million albums worldwide and has won 22 Grammy Awards, more than any other rock band. U2 formed in 1976 when the members were teenagers with limited musical proficiency. The question that has been kicking around the office for a few weeks has been will U2 release a commercially available album prior to September 30th, In order for U2 to qualify for the next year awards, they would have to release an album prior to 9.30.16.

Those are the rules and fans remember when U2 had quietly slid a few vinyl copies of the LP to a few independent retailers, just in time to qualify for next year’s Grammys. Songs of Innocence was released to a very small number of retailer and U2 made the cutoff. 

The 14th album has been in the works for some time and Edge made some comments to BB that suggest that we might see something by the end of the year with a shiny new tour to be kicked off the end of 2017.

U2/ Mark Peterson 2016 / U2TOURFANS

U2/ Mark Peterson 2016 / U2TOURFANS

Fans the rumors have been running wild and sure we would like to say that the boys have been working hard in their studio recording that new fresh sound we have been talking about for some time or that reports have surfaced that the band, in fact, has some tunes down on tape, very early stages and not a tune have been heard outside the studio.

We can't confirm it or deny it. We do know this. If U2 was to want to make not only a performance appearance at the Grammy Awards show in February they will have to release soon. 

Well, Boys here's to seeing you in September !

Edge Talks Security, New Album, New Tour

New York:  The Edge in conversation with Billboard talked about show security, the new album and yes, of course, a new tour. In light of all the issues around the world, U2 has a connection with their audience ( fans) that allows them to get up close and personal. The future may have some changes, however, it's not one that the band would really want to take into consideration.

However U2 has a strong security team in place today and while we have fans may not like what the future holds security has to be top of mind for not only the artists it has to be center view for fans as well.  Further conversation with Billboard The Edge stated that the band has been putting the finishing touches on the new album which should be available by the end of the year. Yes a new tour is in the works and of course, it's too early to suggest dates or cities, just know it's on target and it will be shared soon.


U2 Enthusiastic Fans and U2 Haters

There are energetic U2 fans, and enthusiastic U2 haters, and next to no in the middle.

Maybe that is by goal. From their begin, the four individuals from U2 – Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr. – have appeared to blossom with instigating response from their group of onlookers. Whether it's the band's blunt political position or their intermittent elaborate changes, U2 would prefer not to just acquire a superficial spot on your CD rack as a biggest hits accumulation or 30-year-old record. They prompt and rouse; they draw in and irritate.

That is just fine, yet shouldn't something be said about the music? Beginning in the fading days of the '70s as punk spewed itself into new wave, U2 started as a sincere four-piece manufactured around the Edge's unmistakable guitar sound. As they built up their capacities all through the '80s, they launch into the stratosphere of populist enclosure rock before 1988′s Rattle and Hum achieved an inescapable basic kickback.

With 1991′s Achtung Baby, they turned out to be just about another band, with music assembled around their center sound however fusing additional layers of mechanical, option, move and pop.

The beginning of the new thousand years presented to All That You Can't Leave Behind, a gigantic hit that discovered a center ground between their numerous ways to deal with the studio, and 2014′s Songs of Innocence took the band back to their roots with tunes about their most punctual days – even as their driving edge conveyance system roused a crisp round of adoration them-or-scorn them clamor.

You presumably either adore U2 or can't stand them. Whatever your emotions, our rundown of U2′s collections positioned most exceedingly awful to first will either reaffirm your dislike or help remind you why you worship the band in any case. Post your comments to our Facebook page

Confirmed! U2 will release in 2014

Rumors, Speculations and just flat out crazy suggestions that the band has past its time have created enough chaos to make U2 fans scream.  Here is the deal, as we know it.

When you have as many producers has this next project looks to have Ryan Tedder and Paul Epworth both engage on this project things tend to take a bit longer.  

The band has always said that they will release in 2014 however with the noise about Bono and his “writers block” and the possibility of calling it a day, it seems to have created enough noise that they could be over. 

Well we have checked. Sources at the label have confirmed that we expect a single in the September and a full release in November.

Now remember the boys do have a new manager so we can expect some changes on how the project will be released. What we know is that leaks are bad! Both Venezuela and Columbia Uni offices had their hand slapped for posting on social media  

So what about a tour, we have check our sources at some of the bigger stadiums and well this does not look so good in fact we should expect a smaller venue tighter sets and multi day shows from the group. Think MSG and not Meadowlands.    

The band is in a restart mode so expect a lot of comment about going back to their roots, which will include everything from marketing, packaging, music and of course touring.

All of us agree we are older and maybe wiser yet we still dream of the U2 of yesterday however maybe its better to think about the U2 of the future and what could become the most amazing year ahead.