Reflections of a U2 fan

Its early morning, which came after along night of partying just before the dawn of a New Year Day I wondered around the backyard of a friends house wondering what my future holds for me. I wonder if the feeling was going to hold beyond today.

I knew this day was special however; I had no idea how special it was about to become.  

Immersed into a U2 experience that was unlike any musical experience I began to look beyond my square piece of grass and wonder what I have done to make this place I live a better place. I have heard about this band before and dismissed them as POP Culture a fad like the girl friend of the evening.

Nothing more or less just a taste of something different that I was surely not going to venture toward again with those preconceived ideas I listened again and BOOM as the music played my eyes and heart opened to something that was not expected I began to give a shit about the world around me. I awoke from my self-centered world into a pool of hope and opportunity.

I listened for more words of wisdom and thought this must be a sign that its time to turn the page, look beyond myself, and give back towards that light that created me.  I have always loved music and used music to ease the tensions of my uneven life and provide me comfort when nothing else could.  Music was the one place that I could turn up and tune out and be alone with myself and walk away from all that was wrong around me.

U2 music now opened the doors to be just one with myself and yes faith. Its now a possibility that faith could be front and center in a rock band and that yea its cool to reference God with a big “G” and reach into the bible and put those references that give hope. 

So what that U2 references God and verse from the bible we all need a little dose of faith and mix it with reality the music seems to go down better for the non believers.

Yes that was a wonderful evening as “New Years Day” played I was on my rebirth and the journey was surely amazing. I continue to listen and find peace in those simple lyrics of U2.  

I await for the next phase of U2 just as the rest....... In faith I believe tomorrow will come.