U2 faces adjustment period head on

Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Adam suggests that U2 will have a new album by the end of the year however this is not the official word. Adam was speaking at the launch of the “Walk in My Shoes” campaign to support St. Patrick’s Hospital Foundation. 

Adam reveled that U2 is aiming have a completed album by the end of the summer. Despite the rumors that the band may not have an album this year and that, this delay may the end of U2 as we know it.

Paul’s departure has created an adjustment period that seems to causing a drag on the band. 30 years is a long time with a mate to have it all end so suddenly and start a new relationship with someone takes time. Sure talk as circulated that the band may be at the end and that Bono has writers block. 

While Clayton jokes about the band going to counseling and now they see the light the rest of the world wonders will the band be able to create that magic and produce a chart topping album. At least one worthy of a Grammy nod or at least record breaking concerts again.  Adam joked yes we are under new management and now available for weddings, bar mitzvahs or anything!”

U2 has always played the internal process and machine close to the family, yet over the months we have seen a bit of behind the curtains we really need to look at it’s just a normal relationship that ebbs and flows.