U2 Concert Direct Connecting U2 Fans

We launched a mobile app a few years ago and have been working on some features that fans can use during the tour. Concert Direct will allow fans to upload to the servers images, audio. video from the concert or anything else related to U2. Its simple and easy to use and works on iPhones. 

Download the app from iTunes

Once you have the app loaded on to your phone you will be about to enjoy U2 music from the radio feature while waiting in line or chat real time with U2 friends from around the world. 

The Concert Direct feature allows you to click, shoot and send images, video directly to the server. All images and audio will be tagged with your name/user id or reference at your request. 

This week the app will be free for all U2 fans attending the first show. Download today try out some of the new features. If you got an idea of how to improve upon what we have please share with us your thoughts.