U2 Concert Direct Connecting U2 Fans

We launched a mobile app a few years ago and have been working on some features that fans can use during the tour. Concert Direct will allow fans to upload to the servers images, audio. video from the concert or anything else related to U2. Its simple and easy to use and works on iPhones. 

Download the app from iTunes

Once you have the app loaded on to your phone you will be about to enjoy U2 music from the radio feature while waiting in line or chat real time with U2 friends from around the world. 

The Concert Direct feature allows you to click, shoot and send images, video directly to the server. All images and audio will be tagged with your name/user id or reference at your request. 

This week the app will be free for all U2 fans attending the first show. Download today try out some of the new features. If you got an idea of how to improve upon what we have please share with us your thoughts.


No Opening Act for U2 Shows

A couple of weeks back we said that U2 will not have an opening act this time around.

They have done this before however its been sometime. Live Nation has confirmed that U2 will be performing their show with no back up support. The show will be broken into two parts and will have an intermission.  A couple of other items:

Venue Details:

Each venue will have their own GA process to which will be posted. Remember that each venue has different rules do not assume you know the rules. Check in with each venue prior to wasting your time or blowing your opportunity.  North Side and South Side be ready to really understand the differences. The stage runs right down the middle of the venue. No switching sides mid stream concert. 

RED ZONE will be at the front of the house on both North and South sides. This is not new however remember NORTH side and SOUTH side. Camera policy has not changed NO switchable lens, bring your device and leave your camera home. Watch for more information as it comes out. Download our app to keep up with the details and send in your images from the show.

Bono and Jimmy Scored Big !

 Early in the week U2 had stopped into Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show to record Fridays show and to pretty much settle fans down on their return to the stage next week.

The band was in Vancouver. Twitter was all a buzz as the boys took center stage and performed a number of songs and provided some great insight to what we can expect this coming week.  The band joined Jimmy for a small interview and some conversation about Bono and riding a bike. They performed two songs and provided the premiere video that will be used to promote the tour. This provide fans a complete view of the stage and what to expect. 

The night was surely entertaining for dedicated U2 fans. Here are a couple of videos from the evening performance.


U2 Concert Ready with New Sound System, Improved Health For Bono



May 14th can't get here any faster for some U2 fans. Bono has been on recovery since last falls bike accident. The boys have been in Vancouver working on the new tour.

Its different for sure, with no opening band, we have to wonder what will be the walk in music however lets talk more about what we have learned over the last few days.  The New York Times has had access to the boys over the past week to give us some insight to what we can expect.

The concert will be two sets with an intermission with the first half pretty much as fixed set and the second set to be a bit more flexible with arbitrary selections.

U2 has always been on the cut edge side when it comes to technology not only from a sound prospective, stage and lights too. The band has been working on a new audio system that will suspend the speaker arrays from the ceilings pointing down, this will provide a complete immersive experience across the area floor.

The sound will be intense for everyone with no gaps within the house. Its considered to be uniformly transparent with the volume to be constant.

Now the stage will feature three risers, one "I" shaped one for "innocence" a round one shaped like  lower case "e" for "experience and walkway called the divider stage to signify the "passage from innocence to experience. Designed by Es Devlin. 

Remember the band promised another album while don't worry about the tour interference they the finest mobile recording studio heading out with them.

Bono has been writing songs with a few titles almost ready "Red Flag Day", "Civilization" and "Instrument Flying"  We should expect the next album to be within the moment, which could mean more POP music. 

So how is Bono you ask?  Well within the TIMES report Bono stated that the recovery is going well however  "It feels like I have somebody else's hand," the singer said. He likened the feeling to rigor mortis. "They say that nerves heal about a millimeter a week, so in about 13 months I should know if it's coming back." We should not expect Bono to be playing guitar.

So we are about 14 days out from the start and it sure looks to be another amazing tour. Be sure to download your mobile app today to be apart of the experience.


U2 Rehearsals

The boys have been focusing on getting ready for the show. This tour promises to be different and in fact we might been getting a little insight to how different based on what some fans have been capturing around the venue. Remember while they rehearsal a lot of songs only a few may appear in the set list and remember that venues that have multiple  shows can expect to have different set lists from night to night. 

A fan posted this online today with of course by now you have seen the video (its on our facebook page ) of Bono talking and a couple of choice words.  We have been getting a couple of bits and bites however we really want to try to hold on posting every detail of the rehearsal. Let the boys have their time. Its going to be here and gone within a few minutes.

Vancouver U2 Fans !

So the boys may have already started rehearsals. Couple of clips have surfaced around the web as well as Bono spotted around town.  If you so inclined to be around Pacific Coliseum over the next few days and you take some video, photos or audio send them into us  concertphotos at u2tourfans.com or download our app and send them direct via our concert photo tool.

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Peace and Love