Confirmed or Not Confirmed ! 2014

Many sites have reported news of U2's album release dates and possible push backs and delays and Bono's writers block and blah blah blah. 

Previously reported Rolling Stones story suggested that the band pretty much would not make the date and almost over a month pasted and now RS reports a new album is in fact on the way this year. 

Now sources have told The Sun that “The U2 comeback is very much on for this year. This album has been a real struggle for them to make. It’s taken a long time and Bono didn’t find it easy.

But they’re very confident now and are convinced the wait has been worth it.” Also we have heard Bono playing music from his lovely home which he has done in the past.

However wait more news that this could be the year for the release the boys have been working on a video shoot and we also well as others have reported the news of some video production work.

What can say to you is that while all of us that follow the boys know that U2's machine is strong and alive and well. The marketing power around U2 has done some pretty amazing work. Yes some fans will say its not official until its on

However sometimes we catch a worm from time to time ( yea like the reference ) and we ( U2 blog sites) release the news ahead of the official page.  Now of course that's that not saying anything negative about the official sites or fan pages. The U2 fan pages have sources that are willing to share their information outside of the marketing machine rules. Allow us a few minutes in the sun.  

The fact is that many news agencies report the possible release date of the next U2 project and at this point all of us are running on speculation and of course our sources which all could be wrong or right depending on the source and the information that is released to the public.

Our goal is not to create any more hype or cause anyone to post nasty messages on forums where the release date will be posted.  Lets look at the facts and from that information we can wait just like the rest of the world. U2 will release new music and all is right with the world meantime go back and listen to some classics and enjoy.