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New York City:  You may have noticed that we have refreshed our site. Don't worry all of the old content can still be found.

We centered our focus on the tour news that we are about to launch in a few days. 

One big change will be our tour image wall which can be found on our site as well as on Instagram. You can expect to see concert footage of the day also as well as updated setlists, video footage of the day and of course tour news.

Hey in tour news today.  Opening Night inVancouver, the band will be featuring the work of Canadian parliamentary poet laureate George Elliott Clarke.

Clarke was contacted by the Third Company, which is producing visuals for U2’s Joshua Tree 30th-anniversary tour, with a request to feature his poems “Ain’t You Scared of the Sacred?: A Spiritual” and “Elegy for Leonard Cohen” during the band’s Vancouver date. The poems will be projected on stage screens prior to the show.


U2 Rehearsals Rolling Forward

Vancouver:  The band returned to work on Saturday, B.C. Place Stadium packing in four full days of rehearsals before the opening of the tour this week.  The band did not start until about 9 pm and ending around 10:40 pm local time. Getting the set list just right does require a couple of starts and stops and changes to the set list. 

Most of the fans around town seem to have enjoyed the set list and a few have started streaming the muffled rehearsal which gives fans a little insight as to what to expect. We are all settled in and ready for a busy week ahead. We will have our team on the ground with live reporting and of course lots of U2 concert images. As always we welcome your submissions with full credit.  Please send the to concertphotos@u2tourfans.com You can send in your videos to concertvideos@u2tourfans.com


U2 2017 Tour ?

New York City:  Who has that magic eight ball? Call the psychic hotline! Anyone's guess as to what is up with U2 right now. The boys have been in and out of the studio for some time. 

The challenge to make an album that can stand the test of time, push the band over the edge of yesterday's mega rock band into tomorrow's hipster cool Williamsburg, Brooklyn craft beer drinking fans next musical phase.

Oh shit, we sure to piss off yesterday's fans now. Shit, We have done it. U2 hardcore fans just want a fresh new album. Not really caring about charts, Grammy awards any of that other crap associated with the business of music.

Truth told. Its a business and the boys do earn a nice living from our support. To think that they are not interested in new fans is very naive of us. The music business has changed. Downloads, Steaming are king! Bands must tour to achieve mega cash. U2 is no different a solid album leads to a mega tour combining the old and new fans. This last album right or wrong, indifference to what we think the album did bring some new fans to the party. MSG was sold out for a week, and while looking around the crowd, we could spot fresh faces singing the new and yes old songs.  

Mark Peterson 2015 Copyright

Mark Peterson 2015 Copyright

It's Christmas time in New York and all we could ask Santa for this year is a taste of some fresh new U2 beats and oh yea some tour calendar info. Well U2 fans around the world. We are blessed beyond measure, and we trust that you enjoy your holiday season with friends and family and most of all remember to help someone achieve their goals helps you make yours. 

Until The End

New York:  Often fans wonder about the end, the last gasp, the final note, the massive break up and the music world there have been few major break ups.  Ever wonder how the demise started? Was it the screwing of a girlfriend, shorting the performance pay, claiming the band leader role when you could not even tie a shoe?  Well, those reasons are all true. Often bands depart ways for creative differences or at least that's what the record label promotes so as to give you the illusion that tomorrow could bring them back. 

Rock and Roll's critics have for years told the fans that ROCK IS DEAD. The last gasp happened many years ago when, Mic, Dave or Jimmy blew out your ears.  Could it be true? Could we have heard the last of the greats? By now if you are still reading this rambling crap your wondering what the FUCK does this have to do with U2?

U2 has managed to stay the course. The course that riddled with pot holes, political outcries, failed loves, failed marriages and so much more yet you the fan have never heard a word of it. Nor will you so don't get your hopes up for some juicy gossipy stories about the boys. It just does not happen outside the core. No, a word was spoken. Rightfully so any crew worth its weight in gold knows the value of shutting up, keeping the laundry in the house. Just the mere idea to imply that the boys have issues like you and or we breaks the illusion of a great rock band.

The future is right around the corner, change will happen, change is good, bad and indifferent to your concerns. It's a force of nature that allows for growth and possibility.

The marketing machine has been at work, notice some U2 stories appearing around the world. It's time; you can almost feel it.  For us, at U2TOURFANS it is about the music pure and straightforward as it is. Yes, of course, we are interested in the lives of the band members, crew, and of course the groupies, however, it's the same story from town to town, country to country and by now we have heard them all.  

As we told you before September is right around the corner, clear your minds, listen to some fresh, innovative tunes as we all await the arrive of something amazing. Bet you are asking why we call it AMAZING.  Well, that's easy, AMAZING because in a time when the world is in chaos it's music that brings all together and for one night we all singing as one.  It order us to continue we must remember that its music that connects us and that with music would, maybe change the world.

U2 to Headline iHeartRadio Music Festival

U2, Drake, Sting to Headline iHeartRadio Music Festival

U2, Drake, Britney Spears and Sting lead the lineup for the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival and Daytime Village. The two-day celebration will happen on September 23rd and 24th at Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena.

Joining the main events. Sam Hunt, Twenty One Pilots, Billy Idol, Florida Georgia Line, Sia, OneRepublic, Cage the Elephant, Zedd, Tears for Fears, Ariana Grande, Pitbull and Usher have additionally been tapped for the occasion. Ryan Seacrest will host.

Fans will be ableto live stream the celebration through the CW Network on its official site CWTV.com and in addition the CW cell phone application.

The 2016 occasion will be the 6th yearly iHeartRadio Music Festival, which has occurred every September since 2011 in Las Vegas. The celebration has banded together with the CW since 2012. A year ago's main events included Demi Lovato, Kanye West, Sam Smith, Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, the Weeknd and Lil Wayne. Past years have facilitated Taylor Swift, Steven Tyler, Kelly Clarkson, Nicki Minaj, No Doubt and Bon Jovi.


Edge Talks Security, New Album, New Tour

New York:  The Edge in conversation with Billboard talked about show security, the new album and yes, of course, a new tour. In light of all the issues around the world, U2 has a connection with their audience ( fans) that allows them to get up close and personal. The future may have some changes, however, it's not one that the band would really want to take into consideration.

However U2 has a strong security team in place today and while we have fans may not like what the future holds security has to be top of mind for not only the artists it has to be center view for fans as well.  Further conversation with Billboard The Edge stated that the band has been putting the finishing touches on the new album which should be available by the end of the year. Yes a new tour is in the works and of course, it's too early to suggest dates or cities, just know it's on target and it will be shared soon.


U2 Experimenting

U2 / U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson @2016

U2 / U2TOURFANS / Mark Peterson @2016

New York: Back at the studio the boys have been working something fresh, experimental and some may say it feels like Zooropa. Songs of Experience, their fourteenth studio album. 

Bono and the boys are just having fun creating music that will embrace their roots and pull along those new fans and bring them into the fold. U2 has had their challenges during the last tour.

One would think that may come into play with the new music. So the question most of you want to know. When will U2 hit the road again ? Well sources suggest that we should see the boys around the world in 2017 !  Yup that's the noise in the system right now. We tend not to support or agree with the noise however knowing that the marketing machines and the venue routing information would normally kick into gear right about now for a summer tour. 2016 looks likely not be in scope.