U2 Grammy Hopeful 2016 Dream?

U2 / Mark Peterson 2016 / U2TOURFANS.

U2 / Mark Peterson 2016 / U2TOURFANS.

New York:  The band has sold more than 145 million albums worldwide and has won 22 Grammy Awards, more than any other rock band. U2 formed in 1976 when the members were teenagers with limited musical proficiency. The question that has been kicking around the office for a few weeks has been will U2 release a commercially available album prior to September 30th, In order for U2 to qualify for the next year awards, they would have to release an album prior to 9.30.16.

Those are the rules and fans remember when U2 had quietly slid a few vinyl copies of the LP to a few independent retailers, just in time to qualify for next year’s Grammys. Songs of Innocence was released to a very small number of retailer and U2 made the cutoff. 

The 14th album has been in the works for some time and Edge made some comments to BB that suggest that we might see something by the end of the year with a shiny new tour to be kicked off the end of 2017.

U2/ Mark Peterson 2016 / U2TOURFANS

U2/ Mark Peterson 2016 / U2TOURFANS

Fans the rumors have been running wild and sure we would like to say that the boys have been working hard in their studio recording that new fresh sound we have been talking about for some time or that reports have surfaced that the band, in fact, has some tunes down on tape, very early stages and not a tune have been heard outside the studio.

We can't confirm it or deny it. We do know this. If U2 was to want to make not only a performance appearance at the Grammy Awards show in February they will have to release soon. 

Well, Boys here's to seeing you in September !

U2 2015 World tour !

U2 fans you have been waiting for a long time. Yes, the boys will hit the road 2015 with their families and close friends, Bono said “You know what it's like now, it's like a whole city goes on the road with us. Our kids go out on the road, they get excited about it; It's like . . . yeah, it's kind of a whole . . . Dublin goes on the road."

This tour will be scaled back to give a intimate setting due to the nature and themes of the current album as well as the expected new album. The Edge acknowledged that they are not looking to launch into a massive tour this time around. Heck, it is hard to throw up something against 360. That was massive and beyond approach for most bands.

We can expect to see some announcements shortly. Bono confirmed that the band could not get any bigger than 360 if they tried so pulling back would make much more sense due to the new music style and vibe.  Still in the early stages of planning and routing the tour so ease back fans and start saving those coins. Its going to be a busy 2015/2016 season.