The Inevitable End

Byline: Larry L

So when should a band say goodbye? As The Rolling Stones prepare for one last tour, I can't help but ask the question of U2. Should they:

  • Pick a date and stick to it?
  • Try and pump out one last massive album?
  • Tour on their laurels (a la the Stones) and tour until they collect a pension and beyond?
  • Wait until they put out a couple of 'not stellar' albums?
Though many might complain about my opinion, I am ready for this to end. I don't want Bono wheeled out to single Streets 'one last time' in a crackly, sad voice as one of his kids runs around the ramps pushing him. I don't want an old school '40' played with Larry using his walker to slowly meander away into the night.

I want U2's end to be a triumph. If they had walked away after the biggest tour in history, what a way to go! And I know they would love to recapture the crown. I don't know if they can really do it.

If they actually decided to get mad again. If they really had an axe to grind (with apologies to Edge's guitar work!). This writing for light, joy and positivity is all fine and well. What made them and brought them to pinnacle was anger. That is gone. If they can get that back, maybe sticking around a bit longer would be worth it.

I loved 'No Line On The Horizon'. However it didn't kick me in the gut and yell 'YEAH'. It was interesting and different and experimental in its own way. What it wasn't was a reclamation of the hearts and souls of us.

Can they do it? I am not convinced they can. As we wait for the 2013 release I find myself questioning where this going more and more. And asking myself if it isn't already time to stop.