Welcome to the brand new U2TOURFANS home

We have been working back stage on a totally new site. The totally new site has some great features that we believe they will enhance your fan experience. Most of the site has been operational under beta for a couple of weeks. Your the FAN, we designed the whole site around your experience and we will grow the site with your support.

  • Fan Feedback: We have setup a direct email box for you the FAN to comment about anything you would like. Have a story idea ? Know a friend of a friend who has access ? Thinking of an idea? Share it with us. We are growing, streamlining our videos, photos and stories.
  • Tour Drop Box: You have just attended a show and have some videos and/or photos that you would like to share. Send them to us. You get the credit, we handle the posting and everything else. Consider it to be your drop box.
  • Sound Off: Community Based area designed to create conversation about everything and anything you like. We ask that you keep it clean, on topic, and most of all respectful of everyone.
  • U2 Gift Shop: Yes, we have opened a gift shop, currently we are adding items to it. So we do have some stuff, suggestions welcome of course. This is how we earn a living, feed the kids, wash the car,support our causes “ONE”. So visit often.
  • Ad Supported: Yes we are an ad supported site, however that does not mean we post every single ad, nor do we support every single cause. We carefully choose our ads to match our fans. Remember you support us and we support you.
  • Band Members:We have bio’s on the boys, photos and a did you know item for each.
  • Photo Collection:Supported by our inhouse “shooter” and our fan base. Remember the simple rule. If you did not take the photo don’t send it to us.
  • Lyrics: This is an on going location. We will be building out this section
  • Video: We will have a compete listing of our videos, and a direct link to our channel as well as new search and view it tool.
  • Twitter: If you have been following us on twitter great news. Once we update a story you will know all about it.  
  • Polls: We have a poll section. We want to hear from you.
  • Comment/Share: At the end of each story, we have provided a link for you to comment and a link for you to share your story. Feel free to do both.
  • Reference: A brand new credit where credit is due link. If we have gathered our story from another U2 FAN site or any other source. We will reference it, provide you a link and give credit where credit is due. We follow the creative commons copy right rule, however some times we gather our news from other sources that do have copyrights. We respect them and reference them.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding new features and expanding our staff.