U2 reveal massive Twitter and Facebook project

U2/ Facebook/ Twitter/ U2TOURFANS Irish rockers U2 have revealed a new social media that allows concert goers to tag themselves in the audience via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Last year the Orange, a brand of France Télécom used a similar system. They used a high-powered camera that allows you to zoom on every single fan in the stadium.

At U2’s concert in Johannesburg earlier this month a photograph like this was taken. This massive image allows users to zoom into the crowd and see if they can spot themselves. They can then tag their images.

These panoramic images are taken with what is known as a Gigapixel camera. Now we of course has a chance to test this out during the South Africa show. What see that amazed us is how clear each image of every person as well as the equipment was ( or is). We found all of our team around the stadium and thought this might be something new for us to spotlght in the weeks ahead.  

Happy U2TOURFANS Team !

Well U2 fans it’s our Birthday! The whole concept of U2TOURFANS was to be able to share the U2 experience with as many people as possible without charging for the experience. We have grown to include a facebook site, twitter, youtube and of course our Iphone app.

We are totally supported by contributions from you. We do not have free hosting, nor programming, web development, application development. Your support goes to building our community. We also cover the costs of show tickets, travel, video gear, photo gear. Our site has over 100 fans that help us on a daily basis.


 Mar 1, 2010 with the description: Bono & The Edge performing an acoustic version of Happy Birthday (June 27th 2008, Nelson Mandela Tribute @ Hyde Park)

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U2TOURFANS 2010 Kick Off Contest !

Want to get a cool prize ? Read the whole story and find out how you can enter to win !

Welcome to 2010 U2 Fans! This is going to be a very interesting year. The tour starts again soon. We are U2TOURFANS a site dedicated to providing you a fan experience unlike any other U2 fan site. Sure you can find thousands of fan based sites on the web. 

As we move forward we thought this would be a good time to share with you all of the resources we provide to you the fan. Of course you already know you can follow us on Twitter but did you know you can subscribe to our YouTube channel?  Did you know that we have a facebook fan page designed to bring you all of the U2TOURFANS media properties to one location?

We have complete media outlet store where you can find books, CD’s, DVD’s and even download MP3 . All of your purchased are secure and backed up by the power of AMAZON Merchant Services.  We continue to build partnerships that make sense to you the fan. We are always looking for new partners if you believe you have a product or service our viewers would be interested in drop us an email. Our site has been funded by your purchases of products and services from our sponsors. However we have full control of our content and will never allow a sponsor to control our content. Please note we will never sell or provide our fan base list for any reason. We do not support spamming our fans ( because we too are fans)

Coming soon, we will be offering a book club. The opportunity to sign up read one of the many U2 books and become a part of the virtual round table of discussions. Our guest writer program will feature writers from around the world that are fans just like you. Have you ever thought about creating a U2 fan video? Now is your chance. We have just completed a fan based section for your video. Send us your video and we will post it and of course share it.  Tour Season kick off; once again we will have a full team out supporting the tour season. Expect to see videos, photos and daily reports from the concerts. Live tweet updates as well as chat sessions on facebook.  U2 concert tickets- 2010 we will be looking to give away concert tickets to some very lucky fans.

You’re the fan, you’re in control! Tell us what you would like to see or hear from us.

Last Item:  Send us your best U2TOURFANS.com photo contest. We are collecting U2TOURFANS.com photos of our fans. All you have to do is type, sharpie, and crayon, spray paint our name on anything you like and send your photo to us we will post them and the winner will get a super cool prize from us.  

We thank you for your support and interest in our community. Let’s make this another successful U2 year!

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We have been working back stage on a totally new site. The totally new site has some great features that we believe they will enhance your fan experience. Most of the site has been operational under beta for a couple of weeks. Your the FAN, we designed the whole site around your experience and we will grow the site with your support.

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