U2 Enthusiastic Fans and U2 Haters

There are energetic U2 fans, and enthusiastic U2 haters, and next to no in the middle.

Maybe that is by goal. From their begin, the four individuals from U2 – Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, Jr. – have appeared to blossom with instigating response from their group of onlookers. Whether it's the band's blunt political position or their intermittent elaborate changes, U2 would prefer not to just acquire a superficial spot on your CD rack as a biggest hits accumulation or 30-year-old record. They prompt and rouse; they draw in and irritate.

That is just fine, yet shouldn't something be said about the music? Beginning in the fading days of the '70s as punk spewed itself into new wave, U2 started as a sincere four-piece manufactured around the Edge's unmistakable guitar sound. As they built up their capacities all through the '80s, they launch into the stratosphere of populist enclosure rock before 1988′s Rattle and Hum achieved an inescapable basic kickback.

With 1991′s Achtung Baby, they turned out to be just about another band, with music assembled around their center sound however fusing additional layers of mechanical, option, move and pop.

The beginning of the new thousand years presented to All That You Can't Leave Behind, a gigantic hit that discovered a center ground between their numerous ways to deal with the studio, and 2014′s Songs of Innocence took the band back to their roots with tunes about their most punctual days – even as their driving edge conveyance system roused a crisp round of adoration them-or-scorn them clamor.

You presumably either adore U2 or can't stand them. Whatever your emotions, our rundown of U2′s collections positioned most exceedingly awful to first will either reaffirm your dislike or help remind you why you worship the band in any case. Post your comments to our Facebook page

U2tober is for U2 Authors

October has been a music industry month. Releases from all your favorite bands have been scheduled for October. You have heard the term Rocktober. What’s so special about October.

U2 fans know that October has some special meaning. We thought we would celebrate October with a new selection. 

October will be U2 authors month. Yes if you have written a story about U2, U2 fans or about your experience and have a published book we want to share your work with U2 fans around the world.

Contact us this week September 26 - 28th to be selected. You will be offered a weekly or daily byline where you can share your work and gain some new found support for your work.

Currently we are interested in the written word, however we will consider photo collections, audio collections for the next phase of the project. We request all work to be submitted by the orginal writer. You will retain all rights to your book, story.

Don’t worry if you don’t have images, or web skills our crafty team will create everything for you. All you need to do is write. We look forward to reading your submissions and wish you all a very happy U2tober.  

Please send all submissions to our editor in chief directly.  We will do our best to contact every submission. However we will be contacting approved submissions first. Please submit all work during the week of September 26th -

Guidines: Submissions should be no more than 5000 englsh words or translated into english with the orginal lanaguage included.  All work needs to be provided by the orginal writter. 

Writters with a agent or part of a publishing house will need to have approval from their team prior to submissions. 

Indpendent writters can submit without publishing house or agent engagements. If you have questions please submit them.

This is not a contest, no prizes will  be awarded and all web content will be copy right retained by the author.

Nashville Fans Pre Concert Notice

U2 arrives in Nashville on Saturday, July 2nd. The last time they were in the area was 1987, so there is a good amount of buzz in the air as the date nears. And when U2/Nashville rumors started flying, I began plotting and scheming to create a party where our U2 tribute band could play for U2 fans.

My name is Chris Simeone. I love U2 and I love playing guitar, so in November 2008 I decided to put together a U2 tribute band. First were the craigslist ads trying to entice local Bono, Adam and Larry wannabees. There was a lot of interest, more than I expected.

After several months of phone interviews and many demos I met with Davin McLaird at a local Starbucks. After talking with him for a couple of hours, I knew we could be friends and that I wanted him to portray Larry in the band. At our first practice I realized not only is he a great guy, but he’s a monster drummer too!

It took us a while to find Adam. We had two bass players join, and then leave the band. Finally an amazing player named Eric Martens told us he wanted to be Adam. He was so determined to be a part of our band and has genuine love for the music of U2 and Adam’s playing style, that he worked his tail off and learned 30 songs in just three weeks.

Early 2009 I was contacted by a singer from New York interested in the Bono spot. We tried to make it work, but the 900 miles between was too much. Around the same time Brian Desveaux contacted me through our website (www.u2act.com). He explained to me that he had portrayed Bono for a couple of years in another U2 tribute band. I went to an Irish pub to see Brian perform an acoustic set of original songs. He threw in a U2 song and that’s when I knew I found our Bono.

Our first official practice was early May of 2009. We set up in a local church and the first songs we played were Beautiful Day, Vertigo, Streets and Kite. The practice went well and we were all encouraged. However, our second practice was not so smooth. On the way there my new VOX AC30 guitar amp did a face plant in the car when I stopped short. At practice I plugged it in and found it was very dead. Fortunately I had a backup amp with me.

Our first show was a four-song set at my church’s Christmas party. It wasn’t until May, 2010 that we finally got our first paying gig; exactly one year after our first rehearsal. Since then we have had many great shows, traveled to several states and have developed a set list of over 40 U2 songs. And the set list is still growing.

July 1st is right around the corner and we are so excited to play for local and visiting U2 fans - the best audience in the world. If you’re going to U2’s Nashville show in July, please be a part of our U2 PRE concert party the night before the U2 hits the stage. It’s going to be a fun night and a great weekend.

For more information about UZoo please visit our website: www.u2act.com.

Rehearsal News for Monday

Rehearsals today had a few more surprises, two new songs were rehearsed as well as a song that was performed about 17 years ago at the final ZooTV show 12/10/93 (U2gigs Database)

Sound checks started midday with no vocals which means that the bands crew could be playing.

Miss Sarajevo

City Of Blinding Lights


Mysterious Ways

Bass and drum checks  of Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World, and a short while later, some guitar riffs could be heard.  Dallas Schoo was doing the guitar riffs (he is the guitar tech) The following songs where played:


In A Little While

Unknown Caller


Get On Your Boots

Until The End Of The World

The band showed up during the evening hours, which seems to be the norm. All of them played and the short set included the following:

In A Little While


Tryin’ To Throw Your Arms Around The World several times

Soon / Beautiful Day

The band took their evening break and returned to the stage about 10pm to play what could be the new set list. The intro song stayed the same Space Oddity by David Bowie, the band played:

Beautiful Day

Slow new song

Uptempo new song


In A Little While

Miss Sarajevo

Until The End Of The World

The Unforgettable Fire

City Of Blinding Lights


Crazy Tonight remix / Discothèque (snippet)

Sunday Bloody Sunday

We have to note that not only are we using our own sources we also have collected and confirmed our facts from U2Place and U2Italia as well as using U2GIGS database to look up songs.

Welcome to the brand new U2TOURFANS home

We have been working back stage on a totally new site. The totally new site has some great features that we believe they will enhance your fan experience. Most of the site has been operational under beta for a couple of weeks. Your the FAN, we designed the whole site around your experience and we will grow the site with your support.

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Over the next couple of weeks we will be adding new features and expanding our staff.

u2conference: U2 The Band, The Music and more

Have you been thinking about how U2 has impacted your life, the music industry, third world counties or is a bit more personal for you.

To begin to understand the mystique of the Irish rock band U2, one needs only to experience the presence of Bono: the leather-clad, Scripture-quoting, wraparound-sunglasses-wearing lobbyist for third world debt relief whose larger than life personality effortlessly lights up a room.

Or a stadium. A tireless performer on the concert stage, Bono pursues an assortment of social causes around the world as well. A rock star who hangs out with Senator Jesse Helms and Pope John Paul II, Bono also gave the commencement speech at Harvard University’s graduation in 2000.

I believe that contemporary cultural attitudes are influenced more by the people who write popular songs, movies and television programs than all the classrooms and pulpits in this country put together.

But even this most thoughtful band has a fair amount of contradictions. In a global environment, where most people live day to day, this group enjoys the high life in penthouse suites at the finest hotels around the country while it is on tour.

Maybe there is still room for God in the decadent world of rock-and-roll, as U2’s song lyrics are among the most socially aware, compassionate and hope-filled on the radio today. The realms of the sacred and the profane have never been so blurred.

Follow me because I follow him

U2 - The hype and the feedback

Accepted Papers and Presenters

01. “Whither the Spiritual? A Content Analysis of Reviews of No Line on the Horizon in U.S. and European Magazines and Newspapers.”
John A. Ballard, College of Mount St. Joseph, and Anjelika Gasilina, Wittenberg University

02. “’The Ground Beneath Her Feet’: U2, Salman Rushdie, and the Political Frontiers of Artistic Collaboration.”
Jordan A. Berard, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Ottawa

03. “’O may the moon and the sunlight seem / One inextricable beam:’ The Imaginative Experience in Yeats’ ‘The Tower’ and U2’s ‘Lemon.’”
Joe Bisz, CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College

04. “All That You Can’t Leave Behind: The Conservative Voice in the Songs of U2.”
Stephen Catanzarite, Managing Director, Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center

05. “Grace Makes Beauty…: The Rhetorical Strategies of Powerful Emotions in U2.”
Prof. Christine Chaney, Chair of English, Seattle Pacific University

06. “Bono Versus Nick Cave on Jesus.”
Dr. Greg Clarke, The Centre for Public Christianity, Sydney

07. “Sometimes Melodies Are Not Songs, They’re Ideas: The Creative Life of Bono and Implications for Talent Development.”
Jeff Danielian, The National Association for Gifted Children

08. “The Quest for the Musical Jesus: Finding Jesus in the Music of U2.”
The Rev. Robert Derrenbacker, Jr., Ph.D., Thorneloe University, Sudbury, Ontario

09. “Nothing Succeeds Like Failure: U2 and the Politics of Irony.”
Kevin Dettmar, W. M. Keck Professor and Chair, Pomona College

10. “Pro Bono: Translating and Transforming Africa for the Consumerist West.”
Bruce Edwards, Professor of English and Africana Studies, Bowling Green State University, Ohio

11. “Deconstruction by Stratification: Vocal Layering as Commentary, Criticism, and Reinvention in the Music of U2.”
Christopher Endrinal, Assistant Professor of Music Theory, University of Massachusetts Lowell

12. “U2: Fallen Angels.”
Deane Galbraith, University of Otago, New Zealand

13. “Vertigo-Event-Context: The Interpretive Lyric/Music Binary in the U2 Corpus.”
Grant Horner and Richard Pressley, The Master’s College

14. “Boy, (Achtung) Baby, and Bomb: Anti-Language in the Songs of U2.”
John Hurtgen, Dean, School of Theology, Campbellsville University

15. “Singing Truth to Power: Bono Meets Bonhoeffer.”
Dr. Mark Husbands, Leonard and Marjorie Maas Associate Professor of Reformed Theology, Hope College

16. "Uncertainty Can Be a Guiding Light: Why and How U2 Made Zooropa."
Kevin Jackson, M.A.T. student in English Education, SUNY Cortland

17. “U2’s ‘Sunday, Bloody Sunday’ as Public Song-Memorial.”
Brian Johnston, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Communication, University of South Florida

18. “’O Can’t You See What Love Has Done?’ – U2, Paul Ricoeur, and the Hermeneutics of Personhood.”
Dr. Jeffrey Keuss, Associate Professor of Christian Ministry and Theology, Seattle Pacific University, and Dr. Sara Koenig, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Seattle Pacific University

19. "Is this rock and roll?: Sources, Contexts, and Intertexts of U2's ‘Until the End of the World’."
Daniel Kline, University of Alaska Anchorage

20. “U2 in the Church - How it is Done in Denmark.”
Rev. Jens Moesgaard Nielsen, M.Th. and Rev. Joergen Lasgaard, M.Th., The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark

21. “I’m Still Waiting: The General Admission Queue and Fan Self-Organizing Culture at U2 Concerts.”
Dr. Barbara LoMonaco, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky

22. “From ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ to ‘Angel of Harlem’: Irishness, American Blackness, and U2's Authentic Performativity.”
Kimberly Mack, UCLA, Ph.D student in English

23. “U2: Identities Covered and Revealed.”
Mark Mandarano, Artistic Director, Sinfonietta of Riverdale; Principal Guest Conductor, Moscow Chamber Orchestra; Adjunct Lecturer, Lehman College-CUNY

24. “U2 Live: Where Leitourgia Has No Name.”
The Rev. Beth Maynard, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

25. “Teaching U2: The Classroom as Gathering Place.”
Tim Neufeld, faculty in Biblical and Religious Studies, Fresno Pacific University, California, and Jessica Mast, senior student, Fresno Pacific University, California

26. “U2: An Elevated Brand.”
Michele O'Brien, Cawley Nea\TBWA, Dublin

27. “Common Aspirations: Media Theory and U2’s Zoo TV Tour.”
Corey Palmer, Huntington University

28. “Music for Marching: Forming an Army Through the Politics of Love.”
Dr. Darel Paul, Associate Professor of Political Science, Williams College

29. “U2 and Igor Stravinsky: Textures, Timbres, and the Devil.”
Dr. Dan Pinkston, Associate Professor of Music Theory and Composition, Simpson University

30. "U2 as a Pedagogical Resource: Faith Integration and Social Justice"
Brian Porter, Professor of Management, Hope College

31. “U2 and the Poetics of Absence.”
Dr. Rene Rodriguez-Ramirez, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedra

32. “A Preacher Stealing Hearts at a Traveling Show: Bono and North American Evangelicals.”
Dr. Paul Rowe, Associate Professor, Political and International Studies, Trinity Western University and Matthew A. Kerr, Associate Pastor, Worship and Small Groups, Faith Baptist Church Huntsville, Ontario

33. "When I Look At the World: Viewing the Impact of U2’s Music on Listeners’ Consciousness and Activism Through the Lens of Narrative Inquiry."
Rachel Seiler, LMSW, Ph.D. Candidate, California Institute of Integral Studies

34. “Desire: U2 and the American Dream: The United States as Imagined in Music and Activism.”
Kristina Shull, Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of California, Irvine

35. “The Meme of Surrender: Bono's Lyrics of Recovery and Revelation.”
Andrew William Smith, Tennessee Tech University, Editor, Interference.com

36. “Irish Identity and Utopianism in the Music of U2.”
Ann Morrison Spinney, Assistant Professor, Music Department, Boston College

37. “Sampling and Reframing: The evolving live concert performances of ‘Bullet the Blue Sky.’”
The Rev. Dr. Steve Taylor, Laidlaw College, New Zealand

38. “Not Afraid to Die: The Grave as a Groove.”
Henry VanderSpek, Youth and Campus Coordinator, World Vision Canada's Advocacy & Education Department

39. “Botanizing on Asphalt: Representations of Laissez Faire Inherent in U2's Music.”
Paul Viotti, Professor of Political Science, California State University, Chico

40. “With a Red Guitar ... on Fire: The Convergence of Spiritual Longing and Sexual Desire in the Music of U2.”
Christopher West, Fellow, Theology of the Body Institute

41. “Water: Hope in the Name of H20”
The African Well Fund, Diane Yoder and Rob Triaglet (organization presentation)

42. Organization Presentation
World Story Organization, Justin Copyrights