U2 Turin news

Rehearsals for 10 concerts could start as early as today or Wednesday. This is a pretty long length of time of time between the start of rehearsals and the first date of the leg August 6th that makes it about 10 days. This has happened before. However in this case we expect it because of some new songs, and of course allowing Bono a chance to ease back into the mix of a live show.  The bands security has said that we could expect rehearsals to start on Tuesday. Let the rumors begin.

Thanks to a couple of web savvy U2 fans we have a link for the stadium webcam. Currently not much has been happening however we do expect it to get interesting soon.  Stadium webcam  sits on top of the Stadio Olimpico.

Hey we heard from our friends in Chile and according to the state newspaper La Tercera they report that U2 will perform at the Estadio Nacional in March 2011 and also Brazil, Argentina and we heard Peru however it is all just a rumor. The newspaper claims that tickets will go on sale in September.

New Songs > It’s not the first time that the boys have stopped off the tour to record some tunes. We have heard and checked out Black Rock Studios in Greece and some recording sessions have been booked.  Now we cannot confirm this so we still a rumor. Also we did notice that U2GIGS has reported as well as a couple of fans sites so as we like to say. Rumors may become facts and facts never become rumors, so let’s wait.