U2's 2015 European Tour, Launchs from Turin

Reports are coming that U2 may launch their 2015 world tour from Turin.  Its not surprise that U2 really enjoyed the Turin dates that the last time around.

Now the talks are early and of course fluid until confirmation comes. The tour is expected to launch September 2015 and go on for about a year of so. The boys will arrive in Turin a few months ( ah we say weeks) a head for rehearsals for two different types of shows.

The new tour would have to be home at Pala Alpitour. They would be provided for two nights in each city, two different shows for a concert that would cross over two evenings. 

U2 to sold-out in Turin

TORINO musical highlight of the summer, the opening concert of U2’s 360 Tour and the atmosphere at the Olympic Stadium in front is heating up. For three days, since the group began Bono sound check at the stadium, one of the gifts of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, the city ‘does not speak anything else.

 From outside you see the famous’ spider ‘mechanical tall as a 10-story building, mastering the stage and’ look at all particular.

All delivered in Turin last week, 120 trucks and put on by 350 people who work there. And they feel good even out the voice of Bono, who has’ taken well after the back injury two months ago in Germany, and the instruments played by the three big, guitar by The Edge, Larry Mullen’s drums, Adam Clayton’s bass.

Fans have also recognized three unpublished songs, two of them titled ‘The Flowering Rose of Glastonbury’ and ‘For Your Love’. The first and ‘was composed expressly for the Glastonbury festival which the band could not attend because of back trouble.

 But despite the wait, some tickets are still available, including the lawn, it will be ‘why’ in August, however many are on vacation, or for the crisis, who knows’. Meanwhile, still in front of the stage begin to see mattresses, curtains Canadian backpacks camping. Dozens of the Irish fans willing to spend one or two nights in the open just to grab a seat in the front row in the ‘pit’, under the stage.

John Rocco, tomorrow will bring’ 1,000 numbered wristbands to ensure the order of entry gates opening Friday ‘at 16. The principle and ‘simple: the first come will receive a rubber bracelet. ”They can leave the line for an hour without fear, ‘said John.

Now if you’re one of the fans camping out we want to hear from you. Tweet or facebook us U2TOURFANS.

U2 Wednesday Night Rehearsal News

Four days, many rehearsals later and the band is ready. Rehearsals at Turins Satdio Olimpico last night have been full setlist for the most part.  So what’s different?  Well a reduced amount of songs from NOLOTH with an increase of brand new songs.

The boys have been working on a new intro for the show was not true as been reported. Space Oddity will remain the intro song so we are told. Even that is subject to change as you will spot in the second rehearsal.

Taking a look at yesterday’s rehearsal setlist the band has settled into the show. Two rehearsal sessions the first designed to warm up and lead them into an extended session. The bands first rehearsal started at 6pm local time (EAST COAST U.S.A add 5HRS)

Mini Set

  • In A Little While
  • Miss Sarajevo
  • Until The End Of The World
  • Magnificent (Edge solo, not by design)
  • Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Second Rehearsal started at 9:15 – Running Time has not been worked out however the band did play 22 songs and a new intro.


  • New Intro
  • Beautiful Day
  • Magnificent
  • Get On Your Boots
  • Mysterious Ways
  • I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
  • Flowering rose of Glastonbury ( Title Not Correct)
  • Elevation
  • In A Little While
  • Miss Sarajevo
  • Until The End Of The World
  • The Unforgettable Fire
  • City Of Blinding Lights
  • Vertigo
  • Crazy Tonight / Discothèque
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • MLK
  • Walk On / You’ll Never Walk Alone  
  • Encore Break and Desmond Tutu video
  • One
  • Amazing Grace / Where The Streets Have No Name
  • Encore Break
  • Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
  • With Or Without You
  • Moment of Surrender

Well that’s looks to be the set list tonight’s rehearsal should be a full rehearsal with a correct running time and breaks.

Lights Sound and Crew

Diego Spagnoli: 2010Turin news: The first sound check at the stadium happened yesterday suggestions that it was U2 was a bit wrong. The taped music is part of the normal process of setup. The crew always plays some music over the PA’s to run meter tests and RF tests. Dallasm Sam and Joe have all been spotted in the statium. The stage is complete. Now all we need is the band.  

credit U2GIGS

U2 Turin news

Rehearsals for 10 concerts could start as early as today or Wednesday. This is a pretty long length of time of time between the start of rehearsals and the first date of the leg August 6th that makes it about 10 days. This has happened before. However in this case we expect it because of some new songs, and of course allowing Bono a chance to ease back into the mix of a live show.  The bands security has said that we could expect rehearsals to start on Tuesday. Let the rumors begin.

Thanks to a couple of web savvy U2 fans we have a link for the stadium webcam. Currently not much has been happening however we do expect it to get interesting soon.  Stadium webcam  sits on top of the Stadio Olimpico.

Hey we heard from our friends in Chile and according to the state newspaper La Tercera they report that U2 will perform at the Estadio Nacional in March 2011 and also Brazil, Argentina and we heard Peru however it is all just a rumor. The newspaper claims that tickets will go on sale in September.

New Songs > It’s not the first time that the boys have stopped off the tour to record some tunes. We have heard and checked out Black Rock Studios in Greece and some recording sessions have been booked.  Now we cannot confirm this so we still a rumor. Also we did notice that U2GIGS has reported as well as a couple of fans sites so as we like to say. Rumors may become facts and facts never become rumors, so let’s wait.