U2 Press Interview

Looking over the interview with the band we noticed that the press had a love fest with them. Many media outlets where invited to the interview. Heres the highlights of that interview.

How is Bono? Ready to reboot?

“Every hour that passes I feel better; it is also just discovering that you are indestructible. I took it easy, there was my birthday, and lying motionless I could think about the future because I never think about the past. I am not an Iron Man: I ate ice cream and started smoking again. Instead, our manager came to a heart attack and a hysterical pregnancy, had to cancel tickets million Americans. But since one of the things you can do is to write lying down, I wrote. ” (The Edge, who was also in France, he adds, “I realized we had two months empty, and I started to play for the next hard rock.”)

You have accumulated a lot of material?
“We have 25 songs ready and four new projects. First, an ambient album, Songs of Ascent, according to a rock album, one third of clubmusic, DJ and fourthly, the soundtrack of Spiderman, the musical debuted on Broadway in November, directed by Julie Taymor is a pure tends to play, inspired by the U.S. after September 11, a time of anxiety, with myths that speak of contemporary life. “

25 new songs how much will end up on stage this Friday night?

“We will have at least three new songs from various projects. Who knows what? The first you have heard the evidence from outside the stadium, Glastonbury is: we could not go to the Festival for my accident but had written for the occasion, during a crazy week in Vancouver, the Rock’n’roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland with Patti Smith, then Berlin with Jay Z. You exit the “roar” the crowd in the notes.

“The Edge: “Better to sing live before recording them some.”

This tour is so large!
“Some directors, like Coppola and Fellini were attracted by greatness. And even us. ”

Many young bands come go in short time, how do you stay together after 32 years?
The Edge: ‘I’m here because I do not know what is life without U2. What would these three, without me? “.

Bono: “When I am in a room and somebody contradicts me, I get nervous. But with my colleagues at work, there is never a problem Ego. You see, Sting is a great author, but his best has made with the Police. Being in a band is the highest degree of evolution, especially for males. We laugh a lot, there’s chemistry between us.