U2 to sold-out in Turin

TORINO musical highlight of the summer, the opening concert of U2’s 360 Tour and the atmosphere at the Olympic Stadium in front is heating up. For three days, since the group began Bono sound check at the stadium, one of the gifts of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, the city ‘does not speak anything else.

 From outside you see the famous’ spider ‘mechanical tall as a 10-story building, mastering the stage and’ look at all particular.

All delivered in Turin last week, 120 trucks and put on by 350 people who work there. And they feel good even out the voice of Bono, who has’ taken well after the back injury two months ago in Germany, and the instruments played by the three big, guitar by The Edge, Larry Mullen’s drums, Adam Clayton’s bass.

Fans have also recognized three unpublished songs, two of them titled ‘The Flowering Rose of Glastonbury’ and ‘For Your Love’. The first and ‘was composed expressly for the Glastonbury festival which the band could not attend because of back trouble.

 But despite the wait, some tickets are still available, including the lawn, it will be ‘why’ in August, however many are on vacation, or for the crisis, who knows’. Meanwhile, still in front of the stage begin to see mattresses, curtains Canadian backpacks camping. Dozens of the Irish fans willing to spend one or two nights in the open just to grab a seat in the front row in the ‘pit’, under the stage.

John Rocco, tomorrow will bring’ 1,000 numbered wristbands to ensure the order of entry gates opening Friday ‘at 16. The principle and ‘simple: the first come will receive a rubber bracelet. ”They can leave the line for an hour without fear, ‘said John.

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