U2 en Argentina

Rolling Stone Argentia is reporting the following

As part of the controversy by the power of the stages of the City of Buenos Aires to carry out rock shows, confirming the arrival of U2 to Argentina for the March 31, 2011. The visit of the Irish led by Bono and The Edge, which involves a scenic display that would affect the state of the pitch of the seat in question, opens again the debate about where the show should be: the Estadio Ciudad de La Plata is presented as a the possibilities before the dreaded suspicion that River does not meet the necessary conditions.

Although their official website the dates were not yet published, U2 would come under the 360 ° Tour, with a setting that lifts the grass and put a stage on center court and whose assembly and disassembly disqualify the stadium to be used host football for almost a month.

Will be the third time the band stepped on the show floor opens argento and the list of international hits (hopefully) arrive during 2011.

Are you going to see U2? What do you think it is in La Plata?