Chile Stadium Filling Up !


6 Thousand screaming fans are already inside the statdium as 3,00 more await to enter the inner circle. Doors open 16:00 and according to production estimates 75 thousand fans will pack the house tonight.

At 6 o’clock yesterday morning began arriving fans of the quartet, who spent Thursday night and early this morning covered with sleeping bags and tents, to overcome the low temperatures.

The fans that came as they were being marked with a number, managed to let them spend the night at the Stadium Athletic Track.

Those numbers would allow them to be going smoothly to Inner Circle sector, which occur around 14.00 or 15.00, before the opening of doors to the general public scheduled for 16.00 pm today.

Before entering the venue, fans were entertained by U2 singing songs with guitar, and then enjoying the sound check for their idols, which started at 18.40 and lasted for about 3 hours. Could there be a glimpse of how the code tonight, with topics such as Mysterious Ways, Beautiful Day and Elevation and the stunning scenery that includes the 360 tour of the set of Bono.

Among the long line of fans, including people from different cities of Chile and Peru, Brazil, USA and Germany also were followers of the English Muse, who will open fire with your show tonight, at 20.00 hours. U2’s performance is scheduled for 21.30.

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