Medicore New Album Blues

Has U2 been overly candid during their last interview? ‘We realized people who want exciting, revolutionary, important music aren’t buying latter-day U2 albums are they?’ said Bono

Comments from The Edge "it’s the least adventurous album we’ve ever made’ he said. "Over the last few albums I’ve added more and more guitar pedals to find new sounds, the pedals were beginning to look like a keyboard." Asked about his lyrical direction on this release, Bono blows a raspberry  and laughs while the rest of the band make armpit fart noises. ‘Really now’ says Bono ‘if you’re concerned about my lyrical direction then I’m concerned about you.

We can only assume that this was an interview that strayed from the stated promotional machine course, it clearly make no fucking sense that the boys would be doing any interviews prior to a release announcement.

Hey who the fuck are we to say what is real or not. We call Bullshit on this interview.